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Maliki confirms the possibility of resolving the dispute over the oil and gas law


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 Baghdad / Ahmed Alaa

said a coalition of state law, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the possibility of resolving the dispute between the federal government and the Kurdistan region on the enactment of the oil and gas, as alluded to Arbil, the possibility of resorting to the option of the Federal Court to overcome the differences explain the constitutional articles on the distribution of natural wealth among Iraqis.

The MP said the state law Abboud al-Issawi's (range): "there a common desire between the government and the federal and the Kurdistan region to reach compromises, is being sought in this direction, especially since the draft proposed by the government is close to the law, introduced in 2007, and will be discussed in Parliament, after the second reading will be subject to the amendments to overcome any intersection between the two sides. "

As has denied the Kurdistan Alliance bloc agreements confidentiality with the parties participating in the government regarding the implementation of paper Kurdish demands made ​​during talks on forming the current government, MP Mahmoud Othman, the possibility of recourse to the Federal Court to resolve differences views on the provisions in the Constitution regarding the sharing and distribution of natural resources, said the "long": "I did not conclude a secret agreement with the state law or any other party involved in the government, and there are differing views about the interpretation of the constitutional article on the distribution of wealth, and can be resolved from through the Federal Court, and the dialogue will have to arrive at solutions satisfactory to both parties and serve to maintain the current government and overcome the obstacles to the track. "

and included a paper Kurdish demands put forward by a coalition of Kurdish blocs during the negotiations to form the current government, a clause stating that the enactment of the oil and gas, including ensures that the region riches natural According to the Constitution, which is still under discussion, the Article states that "oil and gas is the property of all Iraqi people in all regions and provinces", while Article 112 stipulating that: "The federal government will administer oil and gas extracted from current fields with the governments of producing regions and provinces, to be distributed and imports fairly. "

In the view of most parties in the government need to complete the constitutional amendments during the current legislative session, to overcome the emergence of political crises possible, as a result of subordination interpretations of the visions and different positions, while some go to question the role of Federal Court, in resolving the constitutional disputes in the belief that it In the absence of law for the organization of work, may be subject its decisions to the influence of dominant players on the executive branch.

and made ​​the decision to the oil and energy Qassim Mohammed, a leader of Kurdistan, is responsible to the leaders of political blocs and said "in most countries of the world concluded agreements outside the parliament and then resort to the House of Representatives for the purpose of the legislation only ", following" the differences is normal and that the delegation of Kurdistan, which is hoped to reach Baghdad in the coming days will put this dispute in the forefront of discussions as well as points of contention last, "warning not to Adoption of the law because it affects the interest of Iraq now and in the future. "

and hinted that Muhammad to the possibility that all the blocks including the Kurdish concessions on the project in spite of his insistence on the eligibility of the project submitted by the parliament, but said "there is no black or white in the political life and everything is subject for discussion. "

and concluded the leadership of Kurdistan, "We welcome any solution formula above, but the problem is still great need time because the depth extends to five years, and if taken into account the project's new constitutional powers, the way would be passable to recognize in the absence of that, there will be great difficulty ".

The Commission announced yesterday postponed a decision the law of the national oil company until the adoption of the law of oil and gas

, said a member of the Furat al-Shara said that "the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary decided to withdraw the law of the national oil company until the adoption of oil and gas law in a manner supportive of oil policy in the country."

He added that " the law of the national company will be talking about it with the Oil Ministry, which still objected to some paragraphs in which they see that it confuses the contracts on licensing rounds three years. "

He explained that "oil and gas committee has asked the Presidency of the parliament not to include the law of the national oil company on its agenda to read a second reading during the month of October as planned. "

and granted the Committee on Energy parliamentary national oil company, has oversight over oil resources and follow-up oil projects Altfeselh after the Oil Ministry in accordance with law regulating its work.

The Oil Ministry had announced in September last year that crude oil inventories in the country was 505 billion barrels of discovered fields that $ 66 oil fields, with total recoverable reserves of 143 billion barrels of oil.

The intention of the Iraqi Oil Ministry to increase its exports during the next six years to 12 million barrels per day after obtaining the approval of the international oil ( OPEC).

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Double talk is exactly correct.......The Kurds have been jumping up and down about implementation of the Erbil agreements and here we have the NA/SOL spokesman saying not so fast....that this is unfair to all of the Iraqi's and this issue may have to be fed into the Supreme court for a resolution.

Far be it from the fact that a constitutional amendment,(140) says we have an agreement we don't like what it does as it gives the Kurds an advantage. So in that light our little friend here says his parties are not so keen on giving into the constitution that was written 5 years ago and we want NEW discussions on the issues since in the world of politics there is nothing written in stone. Sure.......there are long as we get a better deal. Plus if we can't get a better deal we can always drive this into the courts and let them settle it...........

IMO which derives from this article is that the Kurds are gonna face more opposition on the HCL as it was written. I hope the Kurds have learned a lesson here because they created it by throwing in with Maliki and making him Prime Minister as he agreed to everything they wanted and they believed him even after watching him play politics in his first term..The HCL has been submitted in a different form than what the Kurds had agreed to and now since all the in-fighting over the newer version is causing a disruption in implementing Erbil.........The NA/SOL are driving this into court where Maliki's guys can LEgally change the game..........and this will continue..........The Lesson..........Should not have trusted Maliki.

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Yes - all the above posts describe the essence of an rv delay. Maliki's influence extends to the south and east only - with overtures of rule reaching an impasse toward Kurdistan. Talabani has been very ordered and successful in a regional redevelopment program stemming from the very global support that Maliki frequently shuns. I've said it before, there may never be compromise between Sunna and Shi'ia leaders - their idealogies won't permit it. Both are bent on dominance (Caliphate) but with differing methodologies.

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