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A word about our "Minorities"


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I am Canadian, so your troups are not my troups, but they often fight my battles. Your troups, just as my troups, are world involved ... they don't just sit home and fight someone who comes knocking. I just lost one of my former students in Afghanistan. Too young and talented to die but he wrote that cheque and when it came time to be cashed, he cashed in.

So, thank you for your post. It is significant for all of the troups in the world who go out and fight battles that may not be theirs to fight but are trying to keep home free and other countries from becoming enemies. I wish there was a way to adequately design and supply better equipment, supply sufficient of their basic living needs while they are on duty in heaven only knows where. I guess all we can do in this situation is pray.

Again thanks for the post.



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I just shed a tear. Hell yes the troops need the help, and not just the troops but their families as well. All families of veterans should be taken care of. This topic also makes me angry. This is where my rv donations will go. I decided this in '09 when I first bought dinar. It's amazing that the policies of our government doesn't change in this regard. Thanks for bringing this to the attention of even more people.

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