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  1. Well my apologies if you think that every time Jesus or GOD is mentioned that it bothers me. That is not the case. I voice my opinion of it/about it because that is what we do here in a forum. Debate our viewpoints, share information, and yes sometimes agree to disagree about things as well. Like I said in my original post, I have my beliefs, as you have yours, and we have ours (which is directed to not only to the people that may share what I believe but the opposite as to what maybe you believe). The reasoning you give for my "burr in my saddle" is a prime example of why I "jump out and voice" my opinion. You are preaching to me with all your might, for whatever reason I do not know, and to me it comes off as creepy. I do not and will not ever believe in GOD, Jesus being our savior, or any sort of organised religion where your beliefs are dictated to you by someone else. Yes I have read the bible, cover to cover numerous times. Great stories to guide you through life indeed. Word of GOD? I don't think so. Another book written by a group of individuals over a span of time. Simply put and do cut it short as I could go back and forth on this subject all day, you are free to say what you like about Jesus/GOD/religion in your posts as I am free to comment on them and their bearing or lack thereof on the IQD as long as I follow the rules set forth here on DV. I respect Uneek and the courage that it took to post what was started here, just as I respect what you have posted and am not bashing you for doing so.
  2. Ok, back away from the kool aid. I think you have had enough. I am just throwing this out there too, please leave your religion and/or religious beliefs out of what you post here regarding the IQD. Seriously it has no bearing on what can/could/will happen with it. Go ahead and sit around singing Kumbaiya for all I care, but spare the rest of us. You believe what you believe, we believe what we believe, and I believe you are full of shite. Sorry if I offend, but I am a to the point kind of guy. The IQD will do what it does when it is time. Right now, it is not time. Read real news and not the crap you hear from so called people in the know that work for XYZ company or bank. They no jack and squat.
  3. I'm the dude, he's Lebowski.....and that rug really tied the room together.
  4. Why is it always when rumors like this come out, it is always from someone, IMHO, that adds way too much religious jargon into their post? Ok, so YOU think we are blessed. Wonderful. Spare me the GOD trip and that this is some divine event ordained by GOD himself. Please. This shite is all about the rich getting richer and us just hitching a ride because someone, somewhere along the ride said, "Hey, maybe we should let the peons know about buying Iraqi Dinar". And what has happened since that day is probably nowhere near what they imagined would happened. I for one think your Jan 10th prediction could happen, but your rate is absolutely nuckin futs. 3.42? Where have we all seen that number before?!?!? Sounds like an Okie follower to me. But then again what the hell do I know, I am just an average Joe GM at a bowling alley who exchanged some USD for IQD a few years ago.
  5. It might bleep out most of this but here goes.......ABSOFUCKINGRIDICULOUS!
  6. Show me exactly where it says that ANYWHERE in Chapter VII. That is one of those fabricated pieces of "intel" from you know who. Chapter VII is for restoring peace, period. It has nothing to do with currency. Chapter VII I have read the whole charter, not entertaining but enlightening.
  7. Okay, since we are throwing Canadian jokes out all time favorite. How was Canada named? They drew letters out of a hat. C eh, D eh, N eh. Sorry, much love for my Canadian brothers and sisters to my North. And yes, I know it is cheesy
  8. Yeah no kidding. Sounds like they are going full speed down the 'Me Me Me!" road. Blatant disregard for the people of their beloved country. Much like that of the one that I and many of you live in. Sanctimonious pricks if you ask me. Take care of those that take of you. Your citizens will only sit by for so long while you get fat.
  9. I don't think it is a 1 Euro coin. The 1 Euro coin has a goldish/copperish band around the outside of it. If in fact that is a new IQD coin, we are closer to the end of our roller coaster adventure. Euro Coins
  10. And of course the timeless classic one.... Yo mama so fat someone told her it was chilly outside, she went and got a bowl and crackers.
  11. LOL! And I suppose you think 1990 was ten years ago too!
  12. Quite simply, IF there is an RV, it will be a global event. That means, from what I have learned here at DV and from doing currency exchanges within my area and abroad: 1. The IQD must be accepted at the currency exchange location that you choose to use. Which means that the IQD needs to be Internationally Exchanged, and to my knowledge as of today it is not. 2. You and the rest of us should not have to go to Iraq to exchange our Dinar for USD or whatever currency you desire. (I hope so!) 3. I HIGHLY suggest that you use a currency exchange located at an airport/international airport. They generally will have the most recent rates, and charge you very little to do the exchange. Also, they will assist you with the proper paperwork should you choose to exchange a large sum and need to declare it for tax purposes. Anything over 10,000 must be reported. If anyone would like to add anything, feel I have a small amount of knowledge compared to some of the rest of you here. Hope that helps.
  13. Nope, it says 1 USD = 1163.8272 IQD AND...... 1 IQD = 0.0009 USD
  14. That is very interesting to say the least. Personally I think it just may be a rip on those of us that are "invested" in the IQD by Hollywood and the PTB. I agree that it may be a discouraging statement for would be investors to stay away from the IQD, however, as someone whom is invested in the IQD, I call boolsheet on it being a "get rich quick scheme". Only time will tell, I am going to see the movie tomorrow night, Friday here in Mpls. Then again, who knows, maybe it is a sign that good things are coming, OR, it is just more fodder for the Goo-Roos to toss around to inflate their egos even more.
  15. I agree, since the IQD which we hold hadn't begun to be distributed until October of 2003.
  16. Dammit! I am trying to forget that date! It is my ex-wife's birthday!
  17. That right there says it all. Completely deluded and full of one's self in that statement. What critical information could he have for them that they would actually listen to and use? Sorry Granny, I am not ripping on you at all. I appreciate the sharing of email, and the information at the link for said conference seems legit. It is good to see that they are actually going to discuss something financially, however Ali or whomever wrote this email is off their rocker if they think anything they have to "share" with Shabs or the other RV Crew members is going to make a difference, let alone get heard. What an arrogant deuce.
  18. Three times is better than going a$$ up at this point. But then again, what do they know. Always the same mumbo jumbo in regards to this speculation.
  19. Wow. That is some very good fantasy work.
  20. Skybear, I have no trouble whatsoever discerning fact from fiction, or the difference between sarcasm and being a complete smart a$$. I guess your opinion of what I had to say was that I need concrete proof. No, on the contrary, as was stated in my response to SWFG's post. It was my opinion that the document was nothing more than a PR fluff piece. Am I right or wrong? I really don't care. Wells Fargo can go Eff themselves along with the rest of the financial institutions of the US. Crooked as the Mississippi. As for the "conspiracy" I supposedly believe in, it is no conspiracy. Have you ever wondered why we are even in this speculation to begin with? Some say because of an executive order, some say it is simply a currency speculation which happens all the time. If it were anything other than an opportunity for the US and other countries to make money from it, what do you think would happen if the IQD RV/RI/RD and those entities made huge amounts of monies off of it all the while the general public, such as us here, knew nothing about it?? Hence, the reason why we have been allowed to participate in a "currency speculation" of a foreign currency that oh, just so happens to be the country that the US has occupied for the last 22 years give or take. So for me to see Wells Fargo come up with what they have on how they ARE NOT dealing with the IQD is laughable. Yes, I may be wrong. So be it. I said in my first reply that this is MY OPINION, and never once did I question the credibility of the poster or Adam for that matter as you for whatever reason decided to throw at me. I am very aware that SWFG and Adam are far better IQD information sources than the "Mach-2 Oil Pilots", and quite frankly sir that had absolutely nothing to do with what I had said. Either way, I could care less what you think about what I have to say, I said it because I felt it was a BS piece of misdirection by Wells Fargo and not SWFG. Since we are being smartallicks, I suppose you believe everything you read.
  21. Again, that boils down to YOUR opinion of what was said and how you interpreted the piece by Saleh. I have to disagree with you though, as in MY opinion the US is going to do everything in its power to make as much money as possible off of whatever deal they decide to go along with. Reserve currency with the US and other nations besides the ones that you listed or not, they are not going to let the IQD sit like it is for much longer. Way too much money to be made in Iraq, and everyone knows it. Just a matter of getting the Iraqi government updated and out of the stone age and away from barbarian/sectarian tactics. Doc, no disrespect towards you whatsoever, I just do not agree with you. i agree to disagree sir/ma'am, the "negative Nancy" comment was not meant to offend, sarcasm is just a part of who I am!
  22. SWFG, I read that PDF about WF's stance on the Dinar. That is quite a narrative on something that they claim they want no part of. Now knowing banks and how they operate, they are out to make money, and this is just my OPINION, but after reading that letter, I have/had this sneaking suspicion that it is just an attempt to throw people off as to what is happening. I mean, sure they are going to want every Tom Dikk and Harry's money when the time comes to convert currencies, what bank wouldn't?!?! But to take this stance, tell SOOOOO much about what happened in Iraq and things about it's currency in said PDF, just screams that something big is going to happen but of course they cannot tell you that. That would spell big trouble, in little china, for WF. Sorry, love that movie, and every time I hear/see/say big trouble, it just pops in!!
  23. Thank you for saying that Machine. Yes, I do agree that some hard copy evidence would be nice too, however, you and I both know that it is near impossible to get that without being re-directed to yet another dinarian site. Yes, you may find some decent news articles out there from semi credible news sources, even then you have to decide what to believe FOR YOURSELF! So, Doc "nancy", no one is going to spoon feed you the information that you so desire. Get out there and find it yourself, as I personally think that the rest of us could do without your doom and gloom attitude about a SPECULATION. Tino, that is so true. Take Somalia for instance. Way back in 1991-92 most of us never even heard of that country. For the most part we all know about what happened there due to a very well done Hollywood representation of the events that happened when the proverbial shite hit the fan. Years after, I was there after the Black Hawk Down incident(s), I still hear stories of atrocities that would make the meanest and toughest cry. However, ask a common citizen about it, no clue.
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