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Sunday Afternoon Opinions @ 5:00 PM CDT - 6/23/2024


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REMEMBER, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... So, take everything with a grain of salt ... :twothumbs: RON 



Frank26  [Response to IBBC video this morning] The video starts out by maybe being a little negative by saying these are the problems that they have, and then at the very end, it's just amazing what it's done with its reforms and positive ending. This video is a summary of everything that the monetary reform has done thus far and what it's about to do next. IMO that's the ATM machines and then the float.


Nader From The Mid East  Things have been moving a little bit from here to the 8th of July.  I hope we have an answer cuz that's what they shooting for. I don't know if it's going to be good or bad. It's more good than bad, but I don't want to say anything about that cuz if anything happen you're going to say, 'Hey, but you said this. You said that.'


Militia Man  Article: "IBBC Conference: Much to Celebrate in Iraq as Energy takes Centre Stage" This conference seems to be shedding a positive light on Iraq. There is good reason to in doing so. Iraq is about to break out in a very big way. No stopping her at this stage now. Way too many legal obligations on the table. There will be far more to come [See the IBBC Dinar debate video]


Fnu Lnu  [Response to Guru Kaperoni's post 6-21-2024]  I have...reviewed several different sources who all report the "new pipeline project at an amount estimated at approximately 6.5 billion Iraqi  dinars ($4.9 billion)"  is, in fact, accurate and written the same in all the sources. Just because [Guru] Kap doesn't want it to be true doesn't mean it is a mistake or misprint.:twothumbs:




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