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Monday Evening Opinions @ 7:50 PM MDT - 11/27/2023


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REMEMBER, no one really  knows what will happen, or when.  They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... So, take everything with a grain of salt ... :twothumbs: RON 



MarkZ  The Chatter in Iraq is extremely awesome right now... I am hearing today that they are educating folks and spreading lower denominations ...brand new lower denominations. They are more prominent in the Kurdish region now is what I heard. A number of ministers have said that the ”parallel market” will be fixed in the coming days. How are they going to fix that? A revaluation. :twothumbs:


Kaperoni  A significant increase in the value of the dinar at or equal to its face value with 90 trillion dinar in circulation would, in essence, be six times the value of the entire countries wealth...This is why I have stated numerous times that if and when the dinar ever was to go up in value, it would have to go up gradually over time so that the dinar money supply could be reduced. But that only could occur if Iraq's economy began to significantly prosper. :violin:


Clare  Article: "Central Bank: There is no scarcity of dinar stocks and the monetary supply exceeds 100 trillion" Quote: the size of the monetary mass or the exported currency amounts to more than 100 trillion dinars, 70 percent of which is in circulation.”


Frank26  JP Morgan Chase is now actively involved with the Iraqi dinar. They may doubt it half the time but the other half they guide you.  The Chief Executive Office of Chase Mr. Diamond released a document last month saying his bank is now supporting the Iraqi dinar 100% and he's building Chase Banks in Iraq. The employees of Chase do not know what's going on in order to protect the corporation that will soon be exchanging the Iraqi dinar in America...:twothumbs:


MarkZ  There is so much happening…..Its shaking out to be an interesting few days. Article:Iraq Financial Delegation heads to Ankara to discuss trade with Turkey” this is more Iraq coming on the International scene. They continue to function as if they are already a member of the World Trade Organization. They are busy making regional alliances.


Militia Man  The banks now have liquidity with all the currency swaps that we've seen that are completed...We've got all the meetings with all the different countries on currency swap. These currency swaps are phenomenal because...they're going to be clearing the Iraqi dinar with Article VIII compliant currencies...:twothumbs:


Nader From The Mid East  Great news this morning...They start them leaving the country to discuss the exchange rates between countries. They're going to start with Turkey... Article "Delegation will head to Ankara Turkey tomorrow Monday to discuss regulating trade exchange between Iraq and Turkey:twothumbs:


Pimpy  There was a content creator who absolutely misinterpreted an article we need to clarify the mistakes that were made so people don't panic... Article "We are not thinking of returning the dollar to its previous price and the problem began under Saddam - Central Bank" When they say return it to the precious price, for some reason the individual thought that meant returning to the $3.22 rate. That's not what they're talking about. Nowhere in the article does it say the $3.22 rate.  It just says return it to its previous price...that might mean the one before this one. That would be 1450 dinar. (or 1170)  He's talking about they're not going to devalue the Iraq dinar.


MarkZ  In Iraq: Article:Change of business dealings- Iraq replaced dollar with currencies to stabilize the dinar.” In other words “De-Dollarization” They want to be totally dollar free by Jan. 1st. All part of creating a basket of currencies that will help support the dinar. Something to measure against other than the dollar...:twothumbs:




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