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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

GCR Is Materializing Right Before Our Eyes.


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Here's an article of Dinarian interests...

All eyes are on Jan 2024.

We are ready to go Basel III.

We are one step closer to the GCR.

Treat as a rumor.  Not verified.  Your opine.



FROM OTHER SOURCES:   Morgan Stanley CEO Says His Firm Ready For 'Basel III Endgame'  The Sweeping New Global Rules On Banking.

ARTICLE:    Basel III Compliance Is Ready To Be Implemented.

  • U.S. regulators on Tuesday defended their plans for a sweeping set of proposed changes to banks' capital requirements, speaking in front of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee.
  • These proposed changes in the U.S. seek to incorporate parts of international banking regulations known as Basel III, which was agreed to after the 2008 crisis & has taken years to roll out.
  • Regulators say the changes in the proposals are estimated to result in an aggregate 16% increase in common equity tier 1 capital requirements.

Morgan Stanley Chairman and CEO James Gorman said his firm will be able to cope with "any form" that new banking regulations end up taking, but added he expects some watering down before the final rules are confirmed.

U.S. regulators on Tuesday defended their plans for a sweeping set of proposed changes to banks' capital requirements, speaking in front of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee. They are aimed at tightening regulation of the industry after two of its biggest crises in recent memory — the 2008 financial crisis & the March upheaval in regional lenders.

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Here's another article related to the above...a crackdown on smugglers of USD...




FROM OTHER SOURCES:  Parliament Finance Indicates The Reason For The Decline In The ER.

ARTICLE:  Talks About “A Crackdown On Smugglers”   In recent days, local markets have witnessed a decline in the ER of the Dollar against the Iraqi Dinar, reaching 158 thousand for every 100 Dollars.  The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives indicated the reasons for the decline, while revealing “control over smugglers.”


Committee member Moin Al-Kazemi said today, Thursday (November 16, 2023), that “there is security and intelligence progress in the file of identifying Dollar smugglers & during the past days a number of them have been overthrown.”  


Al-Kadhimi indicated in an interview with a news agency, that “this greatly affected the decline in the Dollar ER in the parallel market.”


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