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“The Last Chance Government”.. The Patriotic Kurdistan: The Sudanese Steps Are Encouraging And They Are Serious About Supporting It - 11/13/2022


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“The Last Chance Government”.. The Patriotic Kurdistan: The Sudanese Steps Are Encouraging And They Are Serious About Supporting It


Mawazine News - Political | 10:20 – 11/13/2022  


Baghdad – Mawazine News, a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Mahmoud Khoshnaw, described today, Sunday, the current government as “the government of the great and last opportunity.”


Khoshnaw said, “If the Sudanese government succeeds in some files – even if relatively at the beginning – this will reflect positively on public opinion and the popular mood, and there will be messages that it is really serious about continuing reforms, and there will be public and political support, and therefore the masses will be a card.”


Put pressure on the political forces that are trying to obstruct the government’s efforts, and the picture and harmony (the mass parliamentary political) will be complete and it will be a common starting point towards the stability of a great government.


He explained that “the priority of the current government is to restore the Iraqi state through ministries and some important files such as water, electricity, health, housing, reconstruction, providing the requirements of the stage and a decent life, and what the Iraqi citizen aspires to, whether he is a demonstrator or not,” adding in an interview with the official “Al-Sabah” newspaper, that “there is A silent majority that did not participate in the past elections must be paid attention to and try to win over and restore confidence in the electoral and political processes in order to complete the true, undiminished picture of democracy.


He stressed, “The position of the National Union Party is supportive of the Sudanese government in its path, and we support all efforts that pour into the path of zeroing crises and disagreements with all political forces at the governmental and political levels,” noting that “the Iraqi system is parliamentary, so the role and the greatest burden falls on the political forces, in If it does not support the prime minister, the government will not achieve anything, and there will be delay and failure in its work.


We are serious about supporting the prime minister and his ministerial team politically and in parliament, and through the government team, and paving the appropriate ground for the success of the Sudanese options and the implementation of the ministerial platform.


And he continued, “So far, the steps and messages of the Sudanese are encouraging and serious, and we need more time to show the extent of care in eliminating political crises and differences,” explaining that “the most important files that must be codified by laws is the issue of recovering looted funds, and passing the budget law in a fair and balanced way, and it must That there be a legal basis for the government to strike with an iron fist every party and individual that tries to transgress the law. Ended 29/N33

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