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A historical necessity whose password is: “Restoring confidence.”


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Mustafa Al-Kazemi
Prime Minister
It must be emphasized, from the outset, that restoring trust among the countries of the Middle East as a basis, and between them on the other hand and the countries of the world, is not an easy task, and it would not have seemed so difficult now, were it not for the complexities that surrounded it, and the disparities, disparities, doubts and divisions that accompanied its development process.
Recognizing this reality and its complexities, and the map of interests and their political speculations that adopt means and tools that are not capable of extinguishing hotbeds of tension and crises, and do not take into account the interests of others or their freedom to choose the path of independent construction and development, constitute a positive framework for building bridges of trust and building a base of understanding and respect for the will and interests of all parties National.
The ideals of understanding, and understanding of interests, do not mean not recognizing differences, but rather differences and plurality of opinions, ideas and orientations, which necessarily embodies the strategies of countries in managing their relations and the logic of dealing with emerging crises, especially when interests are intertwined and there are multiple means of building understandings that respect the will of the other, his privacy and national interests. . More importantly, it leads to building options for laying the foundations of peaceful relations, adopting the soft powers of diplomacy, and avoiding everything that would turn emerging or emergency crises into a state of confrontation and separation.
 It is unfortunate that the conflicts that took dimensions opposite to these positive trends and were characterized by a tendency towards confrontation and challenges that sometimes reached the edge of chaos, led to the perpetuation of tensions between the countries of the region and thus formed a climate to encourage interference in internal affairs and transform the external factor into an element of tension and aggravation of the crises that surrounded our region Our countries are exhausted looking for ways to get out of it. This led to the disruption of the paths to finding solutions that would achieve the aspirations of our peoples and secure what they deem necessary to improve their living conditions and instill a spirit of optimism and confidence in their future.
Positive signs are appearing in our region and moving the will of its political leaders towards starting to alleviate the crises that have befallen it and making every concerted effort to eliminate them. This requires us to give priority to the commonalities that unite our peoples by restoring the historical depth and the interaction that reflected it, which was the basis for the production of moral values, scientific and philosophical heritage and knowledge in language, culture, arts and astronomy that enriched human existence and provided human civilization with what enabled it to leap towards the banks of the Renaissance and enlightenment in Europe after It pulled itself out of its dark ages. It made diversity and cultural and religious pluralism elements of a comprehensive human incubator that enriched its privacy and crystallized its identity. Not only for the peoples of our region.
 Such an understanding of the situation in which our region is moving and the challenges it faces requires us to agree to define a clear and accurate description of the concept of enemy, friend and neighbor, and to define what we mean by the common destiny of our peoples and countries, and what this requires of concerted efforts and the will and tools of action. Iraq, as a people and a country, has undergone bitter experiences that have not only negatively affected us, but also affected the countries of the region and led to regional and international setbacks that are no less dangerous in their repercussions and complications than the complexity of the Iraqi scene.
Our Iraqi people are aware, inspired by their historical experiences, that any imbalance experienced by the region, whether in its balances or its interrelationships, as was the basis for the absence of the weight of Iraq with all that it constituted, in the past years in particular, has undoubtedly led to deep fissures in the Arab scene. And the regional is not in isolation, but in conjunction with the crises and confrontations that the internal situation in Iraq has been subjected to, bringing it to the brink of deterioration. 
It is no longer possible to coexist with such crises, which is what prompted our Iraqi people to hold us a heavy responsibility for healing our national wound, to prevent it from festering, difficult to treat and exacerbated. As we strive for this, we realize that the recovery of our Iraq is a contribution to the recovery and revival of our Arab world. This is our common national and national responsibility. 
One of the reasons for our recovery at all levels and fields is our concerted efforts to confront our common enemy, after describing it, and to confront it with all the means necessary to uproot its roots and incubators in our countries and in the entire region.
It has become clear that our common enemy is terrorism with its various faces and facades, its takfiri approach and its perverted tendencies. They are the Kharijites of the age who live on hatred, grudges and rejection of the other. They falsify the heritage and the Sunnah of the Prophet, and cut the clear verses from the Book of God, the Qur’an, and use them for their misguided aims that offend the values of the tolerant Islamic religion. They use all the misleading methods to negate every aspect of tolerance and coexistence that have been ingrained in the conscience of our peoples over thousands of years from the bonds of love, cooperation and mutual respect among the components of our peoples that have been enshrined in the framework of their diversity, pluralism and unity and spread among them ideals and human values and enriched by the heritage of their authentic culture.
We look forward to spreading the values of convergence, tolerance and goodwill among us as peoples and nations, brothers, neighbors and friends. Such cohesion would formulate an understanding of the world as it moves at an accelerating pace in the path of development and progress, bringing us closer to realizing what worries us about the reasons behind the backwardness of nations and the ladder of human civilization that surrounds us. It is a concern as it shows the wide gap that puts us at the tail of the rising peoples in the midst of civilization, clearly showing the magnitude of the challenges facing us and the inability of each of the countries in the region alone to address them.
The Corona pandemic came as an unprecedented warning to confirm the impotence of the entire world, despite the development of science and technology, to banish the specter of its deadly dangers without meeting its will as a way to conquer it, while doubts remain that it will be able to eliminate the epidemic completely.
How are we in our region when we are in a state of absence of a common will that unites us and our countries suffer from various epidemics and lack the necessary means and capabilities to address them?
Is there a way to be vigilant and to remedy the dangers that require us to awaken the sources of strength inherent in the will and determination of our peoples that did not fail to make massive sacrifices in defense of their aspirations, aspirations, values and future?
Is it time for us to assure loudly that we, as Arab peoples, deserve to remember together our common denominators and our origins, and to support each other to rise to face tomorrow's challenges that may not be included in our accounts today?
Is it time for us, as peoples who carry a rich human dimension, to judge our authentic values and our extended religious and cultural heritage that is rich in wisdom and the balance of historical experience to unite in order to create a state of common civilizational advancement in a manner that befits our contribution to enriching human civilization?
Hasn't it become necessary for us to interact with our neighbors from other nations and to engage with them frankly about our fears and to listen frankly from them also about their fears and concerns?
These are some of the questions that pressure us as we follow our young people throughout our region as they race to expand communication with each other and with the world to join the generations that preceded them, so that they may reduce the distance that made them in their wake, and they strive to absorb the treasures of knowledge, science, culture and saturation with human values, based on the principles of living and acceptance of the other. .
As Iraqis, we are inspired by our original values and we represent the motivating ideas and aspirations of our youth. From our point of view, it is a historic moment in which we examine two basic facts: first, that there is no way for us to the future in the Middle East without all of us joining hands to preserve the dignity of our peoples and the right of our future generations to a decent life that befits us, and secondly, that this will only happen by restoring the balances of the region that constitutes Iraq is a cornerstone of it. Brother, neighbor and friendly countries are also the pillars of our common home.
Stability, peace, cooperation, growth and common security in our region are strategic goals that will frame the next stage, not as isolated perceptions and readings, but as an expression of a fateful necessity, the key word for which is "restoring confidence". 
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