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White Papers !


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White papers dont actually DO ANYTHING.  They are a framework document or list of objectives for specific functions to work on. It is a little more broad than a plan.

In one instance of the Iraq white paper the objective is to gradually reduce the cost of government to 25% of GDP. Right now it is 120% of GDP.. Maybe more as the numbers posted vary depending on which article you believe.  To get there they must reduce the number of employees instead of just adding more just to solve the unemployment/poverty problem.

The Working Groups assigned to each function would be required to define the possible solutions and define the plusses and minuses of each one. This would include any laws or changes needed.

As far as the banking group taking on the question of the strength/value of the currency and international convertibility that would be a study in itself. 


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Resorting to the White Paper approach tells me that Kazimi recognizes  that the disorganized approach the previous governments used were the root of the current problem. 

Problems were solved simply by throwing money at it, fine ??  as long as the money was there. Comming out of a dictatorship they were not prepared to do anything else.

Now the money is gone .  It is time for belt tightening .  I am not sure the average Iraqi understands.

I see a withholding tax is proposed AND it applies to everyone. The 15% top rate is a start ,       

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The GOI needs $6Bn per month just to cover basic operations.  At the current price and rate of production revenue is only $3Bn per month. They have been borrowing from the CBI all this year to cover the difference , now the CBI says it cant dilute the reserves any more. Iraq's credit is too bad for any other bank to take the risk.  

We will soon read that they will not be able to pay all the Sept. salaries as promised. Some employees and contractors will get STIFFED.!

The only real solution is full austerity,  but the people who have been lied to for so long may not take it . 

Dark days ahead.

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