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NO Quick fix for GOI

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Most of the "ruling" class in iraq were (un)educated during the Sadam regime . Which means they were only allowed to know what Sadam wanted them to know.  The government provided the employment then and although low paying most everyone had some form of work. Keeping them from causing trouble. Now we have the new "free" IraqI who still expects the government to provide a job.  A problem is that the current pay scale for workers is too high , the pay for even the lowest federal worker is 450,000 Iqd per month plus extra allowances for wives and children. Any attempt to lower salaries would be political suicide.

There are 10 million  unemployed today  and growing..  It is mind boggling to think of what kind of private sector businesses could rapidly absorb so many. Especially when most are unskilled in any modern production.  

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Well our younger population have a lot in common. They expect government to take care of them. They have been dumbed down by their smart phones.  Educated does not mean smart. Many cant even do simple math in their heads.

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