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Who is responsible for the failure of shareholders to get their money deposited in the bank "Warka"?


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Who is responsible for the failure of shareholders to get their money deposited in the bank "Warka"?

By ahad5 22/09/2019 11:21 AM | Number Of Hits: 5993
Who is responsible for the failure of shareholders to get their money deposited in the bank "Warka"?

Ahd News - Baghdad

The prominent economist, Salam Semsem, blamed the failure of the shareholders deposited their money in the Warka Bank and some other banks to get their money for more than ten years, the responsibility of the Central Bank of Iraq and others.

"This issue is the prerogative of the state and not the prerogative of any other party, " Smesim told Al-Ahd News. ".

She explained, "The central bank is defined as (the bank of banks), and no bank can establish and open its doors only with permission and leave by the central bank, which means that the central bank is the guarantor of the bank, otherwise how the central bank to ask banks capital and procedures Other. "

It called on the Central Bank to "not shirk its responsibility towards the shareholders and depositors in these banks, as the biggest responsibility lies with the central bank, as well as to cooperate with the judicial authorities to refer the perpetrators to justice and prosecution."

She added, "It is not possible to pass the case unnoticed, because who paid the price of this matter is the citizen and the shareholder in the bank, wondering" Is it reasonable to punish the citizen and the shareholder without committing any guilt only because he deposited his money in the bank of Warka and other civil banks, and central bank ? ".

"The beneficiaries of this process are the owners of capital, board members and big investors who took over the bank."

It is noteworthy that a large number of shareholders in the Warka Bank, did not get their money in more than ten years.

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