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Taxes and the Bank Spread

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at this point in time ( 6 years ) :

how many people would cash-in for whatever they can get ?

a one penny RV would give me $ 30,000 on my original $ 3000 investment

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Share on other sites will be more than one cent. The only way to de-dollarize the country and have them use their currency will be having it come in at or just over the dollar. If they go from 1/4 cent to 1 cent then the dollar will still have more spending power and will reign. That means auctions may have to continue and if they don't, the dollar will go up in value due to demand. That will not be good for their economy. Besides, I believe the lower denoms will still be worthless at that rate and no country will want to invest in a country as rich as Iraq is for just pennies. That's my :twocents:.

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