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An Iraqi doctor reveals for the first time the true feelings of Saddam Hussein at the moment of his execution

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20:25 22.03.2018(Updated 20:51 22.03.2018)

In a corner of the living room of an Iraqi doctor, there is an "unusual" decor, a large bust of Saddam Hussein's head, staring deep into the head with a military hat, but there is a rope around his neck hanging on the wall.


US forces give Saddam Hussein a shot
This was the opening, which was initiated by the magazine "Time" America , its report, which conducted a dialogue with the Iraqi doctor and politician, Mowafaq al-Rubaie, who executed Saddam Hussein .


The US magazine noted that Rubaie retains the same rope, which carried out the death sentence against Saddam Husseinon 30 December 2006, especially as he claims to be the withdrawal of the arm of the execution platform on which stood the late Iraqi president.

"The natural place for the rope is to be around Saddam Hussein's neck, " the US magazine quoted al-Rubaie, who was jailed and tortured three times by Saddam Hussein, as saying .

 the beginning

Al-Rubaie recounted the scenes of the death day by saying that he had initially lived in exile in London until March 20, 2003, the date of the invasion of Iraq by US forces that caused the collapse of Saddam Hussein's 24-year regime and the United States' Its history since the Vietnam War, which has taken hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and about 4,500 US troops, according to the American magazine.

When the Marines entered central Baghdad on April 9, 2003, many Iraqis felt emboldened to challenge the rule of Saddam Hussein , and proceeded to smash many of the statues and paintings of the former regime, most notably the statues of Saddam Hussein himself, And the overthrow of his giant statue in the courtyard of Paradise in the capital Baghdad.

"With the entry of US forces into Iraq and the collapse of Saddam's forces, I went to Iraq from Jordan," he said.

"In the VIP lounge, I found scenes of danger, where there were oil paintings lying on the floor among the debris, which showed Saddam shimmering in his clothes in the middle of the desert."


Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein simulated, November 5, 2006
"I pulled the painting out of its frame and wrapped it inside my bag to save history, which should not be obscured at all."


Al-Rubaie, now a high-ranking politician, said that as soon as he arrived in Iraq, a high-ranking US military officer said that a large statue of Saddam Hussein had been loaded from Baghdad on a giant cargo plane.

"This is a smuggling attempt. We want to bring the statue back to Iraq, and indeed I was honored to store it in Baghdad's Green Zone for two years until I went home and kept it with me," the officer told me.

Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein before execution, 30 December 2006
© AFP 2018 / IRAQIYA
Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein before execution, 30 December 2006

Night of execution

As for the execution of Saddam Hussein in 2006, he said that the rope, which is kept around the bust in the corner of his house, is the same cord that was wrapped by the neck of Saddam Hussein when he was executed.

Rubaie said the rope was "a stark reminder of the night, in which it played a major role."

"The hanging took place only a few blocks from my house, in Baghdad's Khadamiya neighborhood," he said.

As for the feelings of Saddam Hussein when he was executed, Mowaffaq al-Rubaie said, "I was hoping to see even some of the features of remorse on Saddam Hussein's face minutes before his death."

"But he remained unaffected by what was going on with him."

He went on

"My feelings are still complicated about that night ... especially when I remember that I have been a doctor since 1971, and I echoed the Hippocrates oath to save lives."

"I know that its worth exceeded millions, especially as many places tried to buy it from me, so I gave it an offer to buy it from a place in 2015 for $ 7 million," said Rubaie.

"It is necessary to preserve the history of Saddam Hussein for future generations, to know how Iraqis lived under dictatorship," he said.

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