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Supreme Reference urges change and not waiting for others

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Date of release: 2018/2/9 13:37 • 220 times read
Supreme Reference urges change and not waiting for others
(Karbala: Euphrates News) urged the supreme religious authority, the individual and society to change their situation and not waiting for others to do so.
The representative of the Supreme Reference in the Holy Karbala Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi Karbalai in the Friday sermon delivered from inside the dish Husseini Sharif, "God Almighty said in his book (that God does not change what people to change what themselves) and here urges the individual and society and the institution start itself In the change, any political, economic, medical, teacher and any other address to start his own change and any institution to change its performance for the better will change society as well. 
He added that "some are waiting for the change to come from God Almighty and this is a big mistake, although God Almighty capable of that, but wants to change from the same individual and society and gives them the reasons to harvest the fruits of success."
Sheikh Al-Karbalai pointed out that "many individuals are waiting for others to change society and this is a false and negative situation," noting that "the individual is exposed in his life to fall into many mistakes and misdeeds or adopt false positions or beliefs that are incorrect or have misconducts but their accumulation is exposed to tragedies In the end". 
He pointed out that "Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) said:" Whoever prays the day of his days is wrong, and whoever is the last of his days is evil. He is cursed. He who did not know the increase in himself was shorter. The passage is not 24 hours, but it is a year, a month, a week or a certain period of time. "
He explained that "the individual and society sometimes live in a state of stagnation and monotony does not develop and the problem that others progress and develop, and the will of God from the individual and society and its institutions confirm that if you passed this situation need to pay attention to them and need a range of things including the will to change and God gave man reason, thinking and creativity and sent His prophets and leaders have the ability to change. " 
Sheikh Al-Karbala'i said that "the meaning of the one who recites the Day of Judgment is wrong, and whoever is the last of his days is evil. He is cursed." If the individual and society live in the same situation in worship with God and his life in all respects without change and evolution, Slavery and life in work and behavior, "pointing out that" the words (and the last day of evil is cursed), means that the individual and society in the decline, whether on the political, social, economic and other areas of life. "
He continued the representative of the Supreme Reference "As to the saying (who did not know the increase in himself was to decrease closer, and it was to decrease closer death is better for him than life) that is, this individual and society if it remains in place and does not develop individuals and other communities not better than survival" He pointed out that the treatment "starts from the core point of self-change and our big mistake is a single and a society that we expect change to come from others and that they are doing it."
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