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Next Sunday time for final decision over two senior positions

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Meaning the 25th of july, its funny and weird at the same time how they reference dates compared to us. this is fresh off the press gang.

Next Sunday time for final decision over two senior positions

Tuesday, July 20th 2010 12:43 PM

Erbil, July 20 (AKnews) – A Kurdish MP in the Iraqi Parliament stated today that next Sunday the blocs would take the final decision to nominate the candidates for the Iraqi Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Parliament.

Speaking to AKnews correspondent on Tuesday, Shorish Haji, the Head of the Kurdish Factions Alliance (KFA) said that the leaders of the major parliamentary blocs would meet on July 25 to hold their third gathering.

"The blocs are expected to finally come into terms with each other as regards with any possible merger as well as distribution of the three ranking positions in the next cabinet", Haji noted.

The new Iraqi lawmakers were to gather for the second time on July 13 to elect the next Iraqi President, Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Parliament.

However, the assembly was postponed for two weeks because the blocs were divided over the distribution of the positions and so far they have met twice to settle their differences; nevertheless, their talks led to no solutions.

"Iraqi political parties are due to take a crucial decision about convening the parliamentary session", Najib Abdullah, the Head of Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) Faction in the Iraqi Parliament told AKnews.

In case the blocs can reach a consensus or whatever progress, the parliament may resume its sessions, according to Abdullah.

After the meeting of the blocs on Monday, Haydar 'Abadi, a member of the State of Law Coalition, the parliamentary bloc led by Nuri al-Maliki, told the reporters that the parties did not agree on the date for the next session of the Parliament.

"But they were common to hold their third meeting next Sunday", he declared.

The heads of the major Iraqi blocs have so far met twice to confer over the formation of the next Iraqi government.

Lh (AKnews)

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I'm in country right now, and alot of important meetings are currently in the works, we won't find out anymore news about those until tonight. but things are looking alot better and closer my friend, cause believe me the beaches are looking really good right about now.....

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