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  1. Thanks for the heads up DT. Wouldn't you love to be nearby if that hallway walk came to pass, King Bean, but since McSlicki has the (alleged) murder plot hanging over his stupid a$$, methinks Shabs would have nothing to worry about (hopefully) and would have the last laugh. I wonder if Mr. Shabibi and PM Abadi have talked over lunch yet?
  2. Adam - This apparently isn't my night> I sent an e-mail out explaining my predicament but the message I sent just disappeared so I'm trying here. I believed that my subscription expired on July 17th (I should've worn my glasses that night when I read the 'renew now' next to the date). I see that it actually expired on July 11th & not the 17th. I even had a note here on my desk to renew it on July 16th (today) / 4+ years down the drain of VIP. Is there any way I can renew my 3-month ($49.99) subscription (can't do the lifetime sign-up right now cuz my wife will freak out!). Please
  3. I did some research and found IRS Publication 525, page 33 entitled 'Foreign Currency Transactions'. It is very brief in its entirety and reads, "If you have a gain on a personal currency transaction because of changes in exchange rates, you do not have to include that gain in your income unless it is more than $200. If the gain is more than $200, report it as a capital gain I tried to carry it over to here but being it's among three columns and it melds them altogether and is totally trashed so instead here's the link: I would like to hear from M
  4. Has anyone suggested that "the DROPPING OR RAISING of the three zeroes" could possibly mean that the Iraqis are dropping the zeroes from any NEW notes from now on, i.e. no 25k, 10k, etc., and NOT from the notes we all currently/presumably have at present? I only present this as a possibility. Is it possible that through the translation (Iraqi language to English) this issue was somehow perceived wrongly? Through the years, I have perused the news articles and found myself shaking my head at the horrendous translations that come from Iraq. I've often told my wife that they ought to hire som
  5. Isn't Wyoming a suburb of Texas??? Just curious, WY, welcome aboard!!
  6. Right up front I have to admit that I voted for Obama and it appears that I (and my wife) made a terrible mistake. I (we) hadn't realized that tthis man seemingly has a socialistic agenda. Had not John McCain chosen Palin as his running mate I would have voted for him! I've taken alot of flack from my friends over his el®ection. On last night's NBC newscast, 'O' is seeking a new trade agreement with a dozen or so foreign countries including Vietnam which as a country is trying to obtain the manufacturing 'rights' of the American athletic shoe company 'New Balance' which, by the way, is the
  7. Caz - I suppose George Bush is the right person to ask that question and I don't recall if he has ever publicly given his underlying reasons - just only what he gave the American public at the onset of the war that being the threat of weapons of mass destruction.....etc. etc...
  8. Like you Short Circuit, I too am disenchanted with Frank's alleged 'intel'. I'm trying to be respectful but I'm believing that Frank is hardly better than some of the other 'gurus' who broadcast their rates & dates. This will be the last time I'll peruse his writings as it simply is a waste of my time - I mean no disrespect to you, cgbrown!
  9. Dinarmamma - informative post from Bondlady - thanks for posting it!
  10. Adam, has there been a concrete determination made as to how this investment will be taxed - is it based on (1) income OR will it be taxed as either (2) Short Term Capital Gains or (3) Long Term Capital Gains? Nobody in my area where I live is qualified (they say) to make a solid answer one way or another. There are so many different opinions (including members' contact with IRS personnel) out there that say it's any one of these three choices. What are your professional contacts saying to you?
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