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Questions For Adam's Update 5-24-2017


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Right now the USD/IQD exchange rate is $.0008467:1, the USD/EUR exchange rate is $1.21:1 with the price of crude oil selling around $50/barrel or 59,053 IQD/barrel or 44.57 EUR/barrel.

If the IQD were to RV from $.0008467:1 to $0.10:1, that would deflate the value of the USD by 1000% and cause the USD/EUR exchange rate to drop to $0.00121:1 and raise the apparent price of a barrel of crude to $50,000/barrel or IQD 59.05/barrel or 44,570 EUR/barrel.

Alternatively, if the FED, the IMF and the other Central Bank’s demanded that the price of crude oil remained the same at $50/barrel and that the other major global commodities (wheat, corn, soybeans, etc.) also be sold for the same price in USD’s so that the global economies could remain stable, then Iraq would still be paying IQD 59,053 or the equivalent of around $5,905/barrel (as determined by the new exchange rate of $0.10:1).

With an IQD RV up to $0.10:1, which other Central Bank could possibly publish an acceptable “Fiat” exchange rate that would stabilize the true price of goods and services around the world? How will the FED, the European Central Bank and the other Central Banks around the world cope with a 1000% deflation of the purchasing power of the USD?  

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Hi Adam,


In your "Correction on OPEC date... :)" Posted Friday at 09:32 AM (May 19) in the Opinions, Perspectives, and Your Two Cents on the Iraqi Dinar section, you mentioned, "It's not time to celebrate YET, but I'll tell you this much... I'm being advised to close the doors on VIP no later than mid-day May 25th." Are you still planning to close the doors on VIP on mid-day (Thursday) May 25th?


So, OK, no more arm wrestling (you have an excellent win record!!!). However, is there anything you would like to add or can comment on at this time?


Thank You for all You and the DV Affiliates are doing for us!!! :tiphat:


Go Moola Nova!


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Hi Adam

I read your book and cash in guide and either missed or did not see the answer to this scenario for cashing in.   Would we be able to turn in our Dinar to a brokerage account who would hold the either the value of dinar currency (kind of like turning in a stock certificate) or they  hold the amount of the RV dollars ?

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