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Questions For Adam's Update 3-29-2017


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Hey Dude Adam and friends!

Thanks for all ya all do!

Things seem to be moving forward. I was personally pleased to see Abadi planning on running again next year. I know there are a lot of articles out the about corruption. What do you think are the chances that most of the corruption will be cleaned up with or before the next election? I fell this would be a substantial piece for Iraq's future...and ours!

Thanks again for all you provide for us...and for me to post the AMAZING face palm pics!



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Adam, can you explain why you think there would be a tax on the money we make on the dinar.  

When you travel to another country you usually buy some currency to get you buy in that country.  When you come back to the US

you can turn in any unused currency for US dollars.  There is no tax involved.  how is the dinar any different for us?

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