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  1. Hi Adam- I have been in this for 11 years and haven’t looked at this site for 3 years. It seems the news hasn’t changed much. What is the biggest hold up now on 5/25/2021?
  2. Adam, it seems they are still talking about corruption and counterfeiting. I thought those issues were resolved way back. Also, doesn’t it seem they will keep Abadi as Prime Minister. It really seems they keep dragging issues out thT should have been completed by now. And the HCL. WHEN???? Your thoughts
  3. Adam, we keep hearing about great progress being made and value increasing but everywhere I look it is still showing 1166 or 1188. After 10 years, one would think they could get this currency to take off . So much information gets stated about progress being completed only to be followed up by statements indicating it was not completed. After awhile it just sounds like BS
  4. Adam, here we are Feb 28 2018. We keep hearing the RV is coming. Jan 2017 was supposed to be the time. Then we were told 2018 was going to be our moment. It has been mentioned the value of the dinar has gone up and changed on the Forex. I looked last week and they are still showing 1188 dinars. With all the progress we have seen, how can they still be in the wait mode??
  5. Adam We have been told by (supposedly Abadi) that big change was coming at the end of 2016. then it was early 2017 and now we are almost at the end of July 2017. How much longer can they string this bs along? All this hype that everything has been done yet they keep up with auctions and operating with who knows what currency. News shots of Iraq show nothing but devastation and total wreckage of buildings. Why don't they just get the damn currency implemented and start the rebuilding process. All news that gets posted seems to be posted by "gurus" . Why doesn't anyone in this entire arena ever post an exact news article from the news source? As far as I am concerned, everything is heresay
  6. Adam, we keep waiting for good news and what we think is "close" keeps getting moved "out"and out and out. What was supposed to happen the end of 2016 got moved to the beginning of 2017. Now we see indications of June or later. I do see more and more of the dinars being an unbelievable scam. When info is posted on the sites, why doesn't ANYONE post a copy of original article instead of putting their own twist on the info or as I am so sick of reading IMHO. That is all this is amounting to, someone's opinion. Someone out there has to agree
  7. Adam, we have seen much activity in the last year and of late much mention of Iraq's intent to introduce their new rate. The fact Abadi has asked the UN to release them from Chapter viii. That have met with President Trump, and have held their 2% margin on their currency, When are they just going to give this a kick in the butt and announce it. This constant dragging on and on and on is too much to endure. They have introduced Qui cards, ATMs. They say they need to train the people on the new currency. They are not stupid people. Give me something I have not thought about why this has not happened yet.
  8. Adam, can you explain why you think there would be a tax on the money we make on the dinar. When you travel to another country you usually buy some currency to get you buy in that country. When you come back to the US you can turn in any unused currency for US dollars. There is no tax involved. how is the dinar any different for us?
  9. Adam, What happened to the info, we will see international currency first half of 2016? all we keep hearing /seeing are laws and more laws that have to be developed /passed. Having been on this rollercoaster for more than 9 years, you begin to wonder if in fact this is fake. For the most part, we set them up as a Democracy. We have so many laws, Can't they cut and paste from our laws and get this done already? What are your contacts saying?
  10. Hi Adam - Iraq has made so much progress in the last 6 months. Why does it seem to never end that there is always some remaining law/laws to pass. They stated this would be completed the first half of 2016 and now we continue to ramble on. what is the item/items keeping this from completing?
  11. Hello Adam, nice to see you back. Thought you abandoned the dinar site. Can you tell us if the end of June we will see a rate stated? All of the news for the last several weeks seems to have been quite good. Any word on the HCL? With all they have been pushing to complete for the end of June I would think we are very close to finding a new value for the Dinar.
  12. Hi Adam, I know we keep making miniscule progress but how many laws must be passed for this currency to take off? It seems all they do is pass laws back and forth. Back in June, Abadi said the dinar would take on new value. Do you see this dragging on for quite some time. The same people keep regurgitating the same old information. What do your official contacts offer up Adam? Something has to happen soon, doesn't it.
  13. Hello Adam, Months ago Abadi told the world to "hang on" as the value of the dinar would change by June 2015. what happened? Everyday a new item appears that has to be taken care of. at the rate we are going, this will Never play out. One person who used to appear on your site years ago(his name rhymes with pepperoni) claims the value may change in 2016 or 2017 and come out at 1cent to 10 cents. I realize all this crap they spew is garbage as it is only their personal opinion. They think they have this whole plan pegged. You said your people were starting to get excited again.............................what is happening? This has to end??????
  14. Hello Adam, We heard months ago from Abadi that the "dinar value will change soon". That was back in April. Then they said by end of May...........nothing going on. Now they say before Ramadan....................????? For as long as they have been working on this there seems to be just a "move it out"(date) mentality. We keep hearing there really isn't any thing else to do.................but there seems to be a something "new" every day. What are you hearing from your contacts in Iraq. One could easily suspect this is a scam. They keep doing business with a "crap" currency. Help us out Adam.
  15. Hi Adam, I am so tired of reading articles that end in IMHO. Abadi seemed to have a big push to get everything done within the last couple of months. Now so many new issues are surfacing. "Someone" claimed to have contacts in Iraq and this person stated the news is blowing everything out of proportion regarding ISIS and everything is peachy in Iraq. On CNN, and Hanity show this afternoon, it was stated how ISIS is staking claims in several key cities in Iraq. In your circle of contacts, what is your opinion for this happening anytime soon? I have also read that Master Cards have been circulated for inside/outside Iraq and something should happen sometime between June and this Fall. Another statement I read stated the rate has gone from 1166 to 1305---any truth to this ?? with the rate heading towards1300, isn't that going in the wrong direction to raise the rate? Sorry for so many questions.................just tired of the never ending saga.
  16. Hi Adam, I read the following and would like to know if any of this is true since all this new news came out regarding 50000 and 100000 bills coming out in Iraq. Can you provide your input and latest findings? Article quote: "...the Central Bank to apply starting from 2015 and up to 2020". I found this...apparently from around Oct 2014 that confirms this going to be a slow go...float...not a RV as some...keep saying. Abadi made a statement yesterday when referencing the economic plan that the strategy would be long term which is what Dr. Bakri also said. It appears clear to me that that the plan did change back in 2012 from an event to a gradual transition...which is reflected in the Article IV consultation as well. When looking back a few months, it is clear all these articles are also saying this. This process is going to be implemented slowly over several years. We also know it started..because Allaq came out March 3rd and confirmed. So it is in progress..and will take up to 4 or 5 years to complete. Once they sign off on the HCL, won't we be able to cash our dinar in now and not five years from now? Thanks for your clarification.
  17. hi Adam, I have read the HCL is completed and the 2015 Budget has been published in the gazette. According to all our past strategy talks, we should be seeing an RV /RI at this point of time. Abadi is in Washington today meeting with Obama. He is asking for millions of dollars in support and arms. If the RV comes now, the US stands to take in quite a sum of money since the US holds about 7 Trillion dinars. Help untangle this confusing mess for me. Do you see this going on much more seeing what has been completed now? Also, shed some light on Malaki...........why hasn't he been arrested yet? How much influence does he have?
  18. Hi Adam, I have read articles stating the HCL is done just not implemented.It seems every week 10 more things surface that have to be completed or needs attention.Here we are in the 4th month of the year and I see it slipping by as May and June will probably do the same. how much more currency do they have to remove from circulation? Abadi and CBI supposedly stated the value of the dinar would increase within "two Weeks". Is this more BS? I keep hearing that Iraq is running out of money.................where do we stand? thanks
  19. Adam, I have read a couple of different articles that stated it could be another couple of years for RV. I thought the only thing holding us up was the HCL. Early on, Iraq said they agreed on everything, now it just keeps dragging on. Where is the bottleneck now? Jan and Feb have passed and 1/4 the way through March. Where do we stand with this never ending saga? Your info is appreciated.
  20. Hi Adam-we see the 50 bills being sucked back in to CBI. Now I read An article that said Article 140 can't be completed until Daash Is extinguished. It was also stated iraq bought another 48 tons of gold And could back an RV 1 1/2 times over . I am confused. Where do we Stand ? Does it look like we are in for another long haul? Also Once currency is international, won't most banks exchange it? Thanks
  21. Hi Adam, I read an blurb stating the only dinar being affected are the circulated dinars in Iraq. I find this an odd statement. Wouldn't our UNcirculated dinars be treated exactly the same way? Also, when a person travels overseas, he can purchase the country's currency at a bank in the US so he has (that country's currency) handy when arriving in that country. When he returns to the states, he can trade in the foreign currency for US dollars. There is no tax involved. Why is that different than when this RV happens? We are trading in our dinars for US dollars. Why would this be taxed?? Can you expound on this please? Thanks
  22. Adam, I have read so much conflicting news lately. One article said that there is no rv/RI and that the rate would just grow over the years. Your thoughts on this. Also, Iraq such a rich country, don't you think it would at least come out .50 +? Do you feel Abadi will begin to show rate on Thursday as stated in his earlier information for publication? Thank you
  23. Adam, we have read articles of great progress being made by Abadi. We thought we would see something very positive just after January 1st. Here we are on the 14th of January and still getting excuses for things needing attention. They say falling oil prices are now a concern for budget. Another article stated we are in need of Law 21 (whatever that is). Another article stated Malaki is still trying to block progress. When are they going to lock his A$$ up? Another article stated Iraq does not have enough funds to cover an about the 90 tons or 150 tons of gold they purchased. I find it very hard to believe they can't afford to RV currency. Does it appear to you, we will keep seeing these "delays" monthly as we pass through 2015? What insight can you provide us? Thanks
  24. Hello Adam, I have been in DV for 5 years now and wait anxiously for that magic moment when we can say YES, we can go to the bank now. On the other hand, I read things like this: Http//: and then my bubble is burst and I wonder how I could have wasted this much time following this currency. We have seen just about everything that had to be completed get completed. We read articles that stated we would see everything come to fruition by years end. Now we are being told to watch for January 7th..................does this begin the new push into 2015? We know you don't give a rate/date, but I think we are at a point where we need you to give us a " little more" info on how much longer you think this will continue. Happy New Year
  25. Merry Christmas!! Hello Adam, Do things seem to be "GLITCH FREE" with all aspects of law, currency, HCL, Payments to Kurds,and what ever else can be a potential blocker? In your Knowing Circle, will the rate be available for January 1 2015 or are we before a fork in the road like December 2010? Thank you
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