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Florida police shoot black man lying down with arms in air

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‘Verbal judo’: the police tactic that teaches cops to talk before they shoot

The de-escalation technique espoused by George ‘Doc’ Thompson in the 1990s, inoculating officers against high-stress scenarios, is making a comeback in the face of high-profile police shootings

Verbal Judo: ‘We know that the most deadly weapon we carry is not the .45 or the 9mm, it is in fact the cop’s tongue’.
Illustration: Ryan Garcia
More pics in link


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I would imagine being a cop is an extremely high stress job these days. 

Mistakes will happen without a doubt. Sad but true and no amount of training will ever stop these things from happening.

Once the Adrenalin starts to flow we react instinctively and not always with reason.  Not really a flaw in human nature but a human trait.


Thanks Umbertino

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This was covered by a local news station this morning.  The man with his hands up came to the aid of an autistic man who was believed to be armed.  It is believed the officer did make a mistake...something that can happen because they are human....but the autistic man did have an object in his hands and the officer was not sure what it was.  The therapist got shot in the leg...which was very close to the subject.  I believe this is a result of a bad shot from the officer...who was probably aiming at the subject when he moved.  This doesn't bode well among-st all the other allegations of police brutality but I don't think it is anywhere close to it...IMHO. 

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