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    • By Nadita
      Nadita File – 12/15/2014
      Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here
      Other News : Survey estimates as much as 22% of the world’s undiscovered and recoverable oil and natural gas resources are north of the Arctic circle.
      NFL Players Assc files fed lawsuit over league’s suspension of star RB Adrian Peterson.  Union asks court to dismiss arbitration ruling upholding suspension, contends arbitrator acted outside scope of his authority.  Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Peterson without pay through at least April 15 as a result of a child abuse case.  Peterson pleaded no contest to injuring his 4 year old son, while disciplining him with a wooden switch.
      Three people, including the gunman killed after police raid ends 16 hour hostage standoff at Sidney, Australia, Lindt’s Café.  Police say they stormed the café after hearing gunshots from inside.  Authorities have identified the gunman as a man Haron Monis, an Iran native, who was once prosecuted for sending offensive letters to the families of Australian troops killed in Afghanistan.  Two hostages were killed in the raid, though it’s not clear if they were shot by the gunman.  Four other people were injured.  Australian PM Tony Abbot calling the hostage situation a brush with terrorism.  Adding the gunman had a long history of violent crime, infatuation with extremism and mental instability. 
      Suspect remains on the loose in shootings at three suburban Philadelphia locations that left six people dead and one other person wounded, police say.  Suspect in Monday morning shootings identified as 35 year old Bradley William Stone.  Authorities say all victims have a familial relationship to Stone.  Police conducting extensive search in and around Pennsburg, about 30 miles NW of Philadelphia. 
      Secy of State John Kerry meeting with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in Rome monday to discuss draft UN Resolution, that would set a two year timetable for an Israeli-Paletinian Peace Deal. Netanyahu says he expects the US to veto any security council resolution mandating a peace accord.  Draft resolution backed by France still hasn’t been formally induced and cites the 1967 Mideast borders as the basis for dividing the land.  Secy Kerry is also set to travel to London Tuesday to meet with Palestinian negotiators and representatives of the Arab League.
      Fed Immigration authorities urging qualified illegal immigrants to apply for Pres. Obama’s exec action that grants a reprieve from deportation.  Citizenship and immigration services Dir. Leon Rodriguez says immigration officers do not share applicants’ info with law enforcement unless an applicant has a disqualifying history or is a national security threat.  Exec actions could give work permits and deportation protection to nearly 5M immigrants who are in the US illegally.  At least 20 states have sued to block the immigration measure. 
      Dow slipped 100 points at trading today, closing at 17,180. S&P500 lost 12 points to 1,989. Nasdaq also slipped 48 points to 4,605.  Gold closed at $1,196, silver at $16.11, copper at $2.87.  WTI crude at $55.60 and Brent oil at $60.81.
      Oil prices have gone down dramatically from over 100 dollars per barrel to 60 dollars per barrel.  But airline stocks have been flying high such as : Delta Airlines (DAL), Southwest Airlines (LUV), Jetblue (JBLU) and Spirit Air (SAVE).  Even though oil price is dropping, airlines is not in a hurry to lower the fare. Airlines makes money by charging fees.
      BC Partners buys Petsmart (PETM), the largest pet stores in the US for $8.3B, price at $83/share cash. Petsmart gained 4% at $80.97.  Thomas Ravo also buys Riverbed (RVBD) for $3.6B with price offer of $21/share cash.  Riverbed closed at $20.31, gaining 8%. 
      Bank of Russia spikes its key interest rate to 17% from 10.5% in an attempt to boost Russia’s currency, which has been plunging along with oil prices.  Ruble has shed roughly 50% of its value since January due to western sanctions imposed over conflict in Ukraine and huge drop in oil prices.  Russian government recently downgraded its growth forecast for next year, predicting economy will sink into recession.
      Bill Gross, former CEO PIMCO who left in September to join Janus Financial said in interview today “oil determines currency movements, currency movements determine the spread market, risk markets, high yield markets, the potential for bankruptcy or solvency not only with companies but countries.  For more of his interview, please click this link :
      From Dinar Land :  The Pilgrimage event went smoothly in Anbar province.  ISIL stormed a town and several villages, taking scores of tribal members of Abu Nimr as prisoners and killing many.  ISIL has killed more than 700 tribal members since October.  The head of Abu Nimr Sheikh Naim al Gaood said Iraqi security forces and US airstrikes have not protected them as they were outnumbered and outgunned.
      Iraqi Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari stated China offered to train Iraqi security forces and join the coalition in the fight against global terrorism.  In the meantime, German Ambassador has also voiced their willingness to train police forces. 
      Even though it is denied by US coalition about some coordination with Syrian army to conduct airstrikes on the same air base controlled by ISIL in Eastern Syria.  The airstrikes were one day apart and killed scores of terrorists and destroyed their equipment.
      High ranking officials from Ministry of Finance and Planning met with members of parliamentary Finance Committee to discuss 2015 budget and ways to cover deficit due to falling oil prices.  They have lost almost half of their revenue since they peaked in summer.  The meeting took place late Sunday evening and discussed ways to generate revenue from non oil related sources.  The falling oil prices may reach a level where the cost of oil production may exceed the crude oil price in some Canadian and US shale oil productions.  This is a dilemma OPEC countries did not agree to lower their production and exportation.
      PM of Economic Advisers Mathar Saleh said Iraq is facing temporary crisis because of sliding oilprice.  He said the government is finding ways to cut expenses.  He added PM Abadi is the first high ranking official to take 50% paycut in salary, which was followed by his entire cabinet and parliament members voluntarily.  They are looking at ways to cut the high ranking officials without disrupting the lives of lower grades people.
      KRG said some news media are purposely spreading false information about issues that may disrupt the latest oil revenue sharing agreement with GOI.  Both governments warned people not to believe these rumors designed to create confusion and unrest.  The statement said all Iraqis are united in combating ISIL.
      A member of parliament who remains anonymous said the zero deletion project is alive and will take center stage in debates early next year.  He added dinar is undervalued and deletion of zeros project has more benefits than previously thought.
      From Rumor Land : OOTW says we are looking at end of February if this is true. Tlar thinks it will be foolish for Iraq to wait another year. Stryker says PM Abadi’s office has confirmed that the committee in charge of 2015 budget draft will present to the COM on Tuesday.  Millionday says Iraq is talking global so we will wait to see action.  Sczin11 say all float. Poppy3 thinks the budger and completed HCL will be place no later than Jan. 01.
      The spin stops here  send your comments to #naditafile,  Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone
      Well… I am taking a break for the rest of the year to celebrate Christmas and spend time with my family.  I wish you “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”.  Hopefully Santa doesn’t forget about us as we all have been good.  If he forgets the rv, it’s okay.  We have been blessed as we have made it so far and still here to celebrate with our loved ones  Merry Christmas.. He is the reason for the season
    • By Nadita
      Nadita File – 12/10/2014
      Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J
      Other News : Utah Rock reported CDC warns of bad flu season and this year vaccine will be only 40% effective.  CDC officials say it’s still recommended to get flu shots to protect children and elderly.  H3N2 in 2012 and 2013 were severe flu season.
      Fed government deficit for first two months of new budget year is down 21% from same period one year ago.  Treasury Dept says deficit for November totaled $56.8B, a 58% drop from last year’s November deficit of $135.2B. CBO forecasts that deficit for the 2015 budget year will fall from $483.3B to $469B in 2014.
      A-J516 reported UN calling for prosecutions of senior US officials who authorized and carried out torture under  Bush admin.  UN special investigator for counterterrorism says new senate report on CIA interrogations program shows program allowed Bush admin to commit gross violations of international human rights law.  DOJ has already pursued two investigations into mistreatment of detainees since 2000 and concluded evidence was insufficient to obtain conviction.  Current and past officials defend program, saying it led to capture of Al Qaeda leaders and prevented mass casualty attacks.  Current CIA Dir John Brennan acknowledges agency made mistakes, but agrees with former officials that harsh interrogations saved lives.
      Fox news poll finds 81% of American voters expect ISIS to attempt US attack in near future, including 48% who thinks it’s very likely.  Meantime poll found 5% of voters want captured ISIS terrorists send to gitmo.  Pres Obama wants to shutter gitmo and fulfill 2008 campaign promise.  Yet 56% of voters want to keep it open, according to poll, up from 52% in June, but down from record 63% in 2013.
      Mazda expanding its US recall of Takata airbags to the entire country, following similar action by Honda.  Mazda is complying with Fed regulator’s demands that automakers and Takata issue nationwide recalls for the defective airbags.  Takata airbags can inflate with too much force, spewing metal shards into passenger compartment.  At least five deaths and dozens of injuries have been linked to the problem worldwide.  Takata has refused to cooperate with the NHTSA demand for nationwide recalls, saying the problem is limited to high humidity states. 
      Pres. Obama announces over $1B in public and private spending on programs for young learners.  He says early childhood education is one of the best investments we can make.  Spending program was announced Wednesday at day long White House Summit on early education.  18 States were awarded $250M in education dept grants.  On top of $500M health and human services dept funds for more than 40 states, to expand early head start and child care programs for youngsters three and under. Another $330M will come from dozens of corporations, foundations and individuals. 
      Wbuse984 is praying for northern CA is preparing for powerful storm expected to bring hurricane force winds and heavy rains.  National Weather Service says as much as 8 inches of rain could fall on coastal mountains over 24 hour period starting late Wednesday.  Storm could also drop more than 2 feet of snow on ski resorts in the northern Sierra Nevada Mountains. 
      Boosterbglee is happy to hear Pentagon is giving hundreds of troops thousands of dollars in back pay for flying airstrike and surveillance missions over Syria.  New defense dept memo designates Syrian airspace as a dangerous location so troops can now receive additional money when they fly through it.  Pentagon estimates 600 service members a week are entitled to the imminent danger pay, which will cost about $18,000 monthly.
      Dow plunged 268 points to 17,534 at trading today on fears of freefall in the oil price will eventually lead to a global economic slowdown and financial collapse.  S&P 500 lost 34 points to 2,026 and Nasdaq dropped 82 points to 4,684.  Gold closed at  $1,225, silver at $17.10, copper at $2.90.  WTI crude oil at $61.40 and Brent at $64.75.
      Oil price drops to five year low.  OPEC is near term and needs to do something like cutting oil production.  Oil is expected to go as low as $50/barrel.  Oil ETFs : Powershares DB Oil FD (DBO) down 3.87% closing at $18.13.  US Oil Fund (USO) also down 3.8%, closing at $23.28.  Oil stocks Exxon (XOM) and Chevron (CVX) are holding good at trading today, whereas Halliburton slipped 3.5%, closing at $38.12. Halliburton has lost 48% in the last 4 months.
      Top oil trader Andi Hall, exits Phibro.  Andy Hall was chairman and CEO of Phibro since 1993.  Phibro current corp parent is Occidental Petroleum.  He runs own hedge fund, Asterbeck.
      Apple anyone?? Apple watch is coming in 2015with diverse products which can get into high end stores and jewelers. iPhone 6 and 6Plus which can replace iPad mini will likely be strong but pullback in the second half of 2016.  Next generation of iPhone could be underwhelming.  iPad is coming back too with bigger iPad for enterprise market.  Apple is gaining market share from Samsung.  Piper Jaffray upgraded Apple to buy with new price target of $135/share. Starrider is going to wait for new iPad in 2015.
      Rodandstaff hear bottled water is in demand.  It is predicted within 30 years water scarce could be 40% in fresh water deficit available to feed 9B people.  First and foremost is to conserve water and better usage of water and treating used water.  nestle waters north amcerica water scarce within 30 years could be 40% in fresh water deficit available to feed 9B people.  First and for most, conservation.. better usage of water and treating used water.
      Uneek feels good finally Federal appeals court on Wednesday vacated the insider trading convictions of two former hedge fund managers stemming form trades in Dell and Nvidia.  Tood Newman and Anthony Chiasson were convicted in 2012 of trading on insider information.  The US 2nd circuit court of appeals ruled in part that there was a lack of clear evidence that the two knew the person giving the tip received any benefit from the trades.  This is a major blow to Manhattan US Attorney Bharara.
      From Dinar Land :  Captl1 accompanied US Defense Secy Chuck Hagel to meet with PM Abadi who said Iraq needs more airstrikes and ammunition to fight ISIL. Hagel was greeted by American and Australian troops where he made a short speech saying that Iraqi security forces and Kurdish peshmerga are now fighting bravely assisted by US led coalition air cover led by Sandfly.  Both Abadi and Hagel agreed that ISIL has not been beaten but weakened and on the defensive in most areas.  Abadi also stated that the push to liberate Mosul, Iraq’s 2nd largest city is coming soon and that security forces are eager to gain control of the whole country.
      Iraqi security forces and Kurdish peshmerga assisted by US led coalition airstrikes launched offensive attacks in several front killing and wounding scores of terrorists in Diyala province.  PM Abadi has appointed Lt. General Riyad Tawfic as the new commander of Nineveh operations.  Several members of parliament and high ranking officials expressed their confidence in Tawfic’s ability to lead the troops against ISIL. 
      Calkid11 overheard US Lt. General James Terry said 1,500 more troops will be added to the 3,000 US troops now advising and training security forces.  Terry added these troops will not engage in actual combat. He didn’t specify the nationalities of these additional troops.
      It is confirmed that Iran conducted airstrikes against ISIL positions near the Iranian-Iraqi borders.  The strikes were made at the request of PM Abadi for all countries to join to fight the terrorists.  US and Iran denied any cooperation in these airstrikes that are conducted over a 25 mile wide corridor near the borders. 
      Iraqi Pres. Massoum told tribal leaders that the only way to defeat ISIL and their cohorts is to stand united regardless of sect of religion.  He said Iraqis must be loyal to Iraq first and foremost.  He added all sects, Kurds, Shiites, Sunnis must abide with national reconciliation document signed by all parties and that can be achieved by ongoing dialogue and compromise.
      A western observer said ISIL evolves from Al Qaeda and the ideology of the late Osama Bin Laden but the danger it presents and the cruelty it displays makes Al Qaeda looks like a moderate organization in comparison. 
      Drj gives thumbs up to PM Abadi in his strongest campaign against corruption said he started cleaning government institutions and the big wigs in the armed forces.  These big whales have caused so much damage to Iraq and endangering its security and stole public funds. Iraqi armed forces said it stopped paying approx 4,000 ghost soldiers who have military ID on record but they bribe their way not to report to their assigned duties and hold other civilian jobs.  Abadi added that he is aware of campaigns aimed to his downfall but he will not back down even under the threat of being assassinated.
      Ministry of Oil said Iraq is losing 300K-400K bpd because of ISIL control in oil production areas in Kirkuk province.  Under normal circumstances the oil would have been exported via Turkish Ceyhan port.  The losses exceed $1B per month.  ISIL steals the oil and sells in black market at an estimated one third of oil price.  PM Abadi met with BP’s CEO Bob Dudley to discuss ongoing operations especially oil fields operated by BP in Rumaila and Kirkuk.  Chess is counting the barrels going to be pumped out of Kirkud and Rumaila once security is not an issue. 
      Nfire predicts the free fall of crude oil prices is forcing officials at all levels to look for ways to save money.  Expenses have been slashed in order to keep deficit within a manageable margin.  A prominent financial analyst said the free fall of crude oil price is a blessing in disguise as it forces government and parliament to work on cutting unnecessary expenses, battle corruption and bring to the front the necessity of working on diversifying the country’s revenues.  In the long run, the oil slide will help in shaping Iraq’s priorities and to stop corruption especially in high levels of government and other institutions including the armed forces.
      Minister of Finance Hoshyar Zebari talked to reporters about security, future plans for Iraqi’s economy in the next phases and stability of Iraqi dinar.  He stressed on the importance of adopting 2015 budget.  He has had meetings with IMF in Amman. He added it is important for Iraq to deal with the rest of the world honestly, clearly and with transparency.  Iraq is working hard to attract domestic and foreign investors.
      Saudi Arabia is shuffling several ministers in their cabinet.  Observers and Saudi affair experts said the slump in crude oil prices and ISIL threat played a major factor in this sweeping changes.  The kingdom is attempting to shed its image as a stringent non-progreesive country as demonstrated by not allowing women to drive, etc.  ISISL issue is also shaping the way Saudi is thinking now. Genx4me thinks it’s about time Saudi moves to 21st century.
      From Rumor Land :  Enorrste thinks a free float will bring the official rate and the street rate together overnight.  Jester believes things are moving around but no timing is given.  Wmawhite says they are going to live by 2015 budget sometimes in 2015, then things are going to have to change in our favor.  BGG thinks it can happen anytime between now and the first of the yar is an opportune moment.  Millionday thinks that the release of IMF is a turn of a page. Tim724 feels good for Q1 2015.  DC thinks Abadi will make short announcement to not cause an international stir and that will change the rate in Iraq. The US may take a few days to open this up, or they may use this as a signal to quietly release this to the internet right away.
      The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile,  Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J
    • By Nadita
      Nadita File – 12/04/2014
      Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here
      The report is longer than usual as a lot to report, so let's start with
      Fighting ISIS : Captl1 reported House passes $585B defense bill that grants Pres. Obama the authority to  expand the US military mission against ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria.  In addition to funding expanded US military ops, the bill also authorizes the training and equipping of moderate Syrian rebels.  The measure, passed 300-119 now heads to the senate where several republicans have objected to the bill’s inclusion of unrelated provisions to expand wilderness areas.  Despite the objections, the bill is expected to pass the senate next week.
      Other News : Uneek read thousands of people taking to the streets of NYC for the second straight night to protest grand jury’s decision not to indict a white police officer in the Chokehold death of a black man.  Eric Garner was killed a few months ago in confrontation with NYPD.  I can’t breathe” was the chant of the night as Eric said that before he died.  Eric Holder said DOJ will investigate the death of Eric Garner. The protest prompted temporary closure of several lanes on the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan’s west side highway.  Demonstrations also taking place in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Portland and Washington DC.
      Terry Bean, a big donator for democrats who rides in air force one with Pres. Obama is charged with sexual assault to 15 years old boy.
      Wiljor is waiting as Pres. Obama expected to announce his pick for defense secy Friday.  WH spox Josh Earnest did not identify the candidate, but other admin officials said it will be former Pentagon #2 Ashton Carter.  Carter served as deputy defense secy from 2011 to 2013.  Chuck Hagel resigned as defence secy last month, saying today it was a mutual decision based on discussion with the president.  Hagel will remain in office until his successor is confirmed.  
      Drj heard Health officials warn this year’s flu vaccine may not be very effective against the dominant strain they have been seeing. But CDC official says the vaccine will provide some protection and are calling on people to get a flu shot anyway. Flu vaccine effectiveness varies from year to year.  Last winter’s vaccine was about 50-55% effective which is conserved relatively good.  On average some 24,000 Americans die each flu season.  
      Chess reported fed Judge rules Indiana abortion clinic law unconstitutional.  The 2013 law expanded definition of an abortion clinic to include facilities that prescribe an abortion pill, and required clinics to meet certain physical requirements.  It exempted physician’s offices that offer the pill from having to meet those requirements.  Abortion rights supporters say law was aimed at shutting down a planned parenthood facility in Lafayette, IN.  The only clinic in Indiana that prescribes the pill but does not perform surgical abortions.  Planned parenthood calls Judge’s decision a victory for women’s rights. 
      A-J516 can’t believe what he reads, MN State high school sports league overwhelmingly approves transgender policy.  Policy which will begin in the 2015-2016 season, will allow boys who self indentify as girls and girls who consider themselves boys to compete on and against team of their preferred gender.  Religious schools are exempt.  Policy requires transgender student-athletes to provide written statement from parent or guardian affirming the gender identity and a note from a health care professional.
      Calkid11 shakes his head to hear AZ taxpayers on the hook for more than $2.7M for Jodi Arias’s defense.  Arias, who was given two court appointed attorneys after she was unable to pay for her own defense, was convicted of murder last year in 2008 killing of ex boyfriend Travis Alexander.  But jurors deadlocked on sentence.  New jury will decide whether she’s sentenced to death or life in prison.
      Nfire is happy as gas station in Oklahoma City first in nation to charge less than $2 a gallon since July 2010.  Analysts say drivers in TX, SC and MO may soon see $2 gas as well.  As of Wednesday  afternoon Americans were paying an average of $2.74/gallon, 51 cents cheaper than a year earlier. expects national average to fall near $2.50/gallon by Christmas.
      Thriver heard Weather and mechanical problems force NASA to postpone launch of its new Orion spacecraft.  The space agency says it will try again Friday, although the weather forecast doesn’t look good.  Orion’s inaugural 4.5 hr flight will send the unmanned capsule 3,600 miles into space.  NASA hopes Orion will one day carry astronauts to Mars.
      Defense Secy Chuck Hagel says there’s been real progress in the Pentagon’s effort to combat sexual assault in the military.  There were nearly 6,000 victims of reported assaults in 2014, compared with just over 5,500 last year.  According to new defense dept date, despite rise in reported assault anonymous survey showed victims are more willing to come forward. Hagel says the military still has a long way to go in combating the problem, as more than 60% of female service members who filed sexual assault reports say they faced retaliation for coming forward. 
      Rodandstaff takes a deep breath when he hears Pentagon confirms its attempt last month to free American hostage Luke Somers from Yemen failed because he was not present at the targeted location.  33 year old Somers is the only American among about a dozen hostages held by al qaeda’s Yemeni offshoot.  Al Qaeda released a video Wednesday showing Somers on camera for the first time and says he will be killed in three days unless Pres. Obama meets their demands.
      Genx4me says a prayer for Ibolya Ryan, 47 years old American teacher from Colorado that was stabbed to death by a woman in Abu Dhabi.  UAE police arrest a woman.  The suspect is also believed to have been plotting to bomb another American’s house.  Interior Minister Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyani says the attacker targeted her victims based on their nationality in an attempt to create chaos and terrorize the country. 
      Pres. Putin is not a happy camper today during his speech to the nation.  He was defiant on his speech accusing the west meddling in Russian affair.  Putin promises amnesty for whomever bringing money back to Russia without questions asked how they get the money.  Ruble has lost 40% of its value in the last few months.
      Dow is down 12 points today. Gold closed at $1,203, silver at $16.47, copper at $2.91.  Crude oil – WTI closed at $66.56 and Brent at $69.29.  Natural gas at $3.67.  Is copper a good investment? copper is down 6% this month and rebounds from low.  Copper is used in many things.
      Pampers and plastic going different direction.  Credit Suisse upgraded pampers maker Procter & Gamble (PG) to buy with target price $120.  BMO downgrades Tupperware (TUP) to underperform with price target $63.  BOA also upgrades Regency Centers Corp (REG) to buy with new target price to $67 from $62.  Costco is up but Walmart got downgraded by UBS.
      Avago Technologies (AVGO)also gets a lift from Brean Capital to buy with price target at $122.
      Whereas Capital One initiates overweight for CSI Compressco (CCLP) with price target $30, the stock is trading at $20.92.
      Apple (AAPL) is on the rise as Piper Jaffray raised it to buy with new target price of $150.
      Hawaiian Electric (HE) sizzles at trading today, gaining 14%, closing at $32.22.
      Energy lagging today, weighing on Dow. Increase of production and soft demand make the oil price drop.  Exxon (XOM) and Chevron (CVX) didn’t slip and slide much at trading today.
      Despite income has not increased for middle class in 10 years, auto sales surged in November at 17.2M.  Are Americans levering themselves with 9 year loan, lower interest rates to 0% to 1.9% interest rate.  29% of auto sales is leasing.  Homes and cars are selling must be easy credits??
      Was Sony an easy target? Sony’s lack of security makes them easy target for hackers.
      ECB Draghi says risks to economic outlook on downside, forecasts suggest lower inflation.  2014 GDP growth forecasts cut to 0.8% outlook for modest recovery still in place.  He is looking at impact of oil on econ trends which forecasts 2015 GDP cut to 1%.
      World of ETFs : S&P500 is up 19%, Germany EWG is up 14% since its low last year.  Brazil EWZ up 3% from its low.  Russia RSX flat as economic headwinds brings Russian market near 52 week low, no upside momentum any sooner.  EEM is up 10%.
      From Dinar Land :  Sixty countries met in Brussels, Belgium to find ways to counteract ISIL.  In addition to military efforts the participants discussed ways to cut off financing and supporting those who are actually fighting ISIL on the ground such as Iraqi security forces, Kurdish peshmerga and Kurds in Syria as well as groups of rebels that collectively referred to as Free Syrian Army.  The meeting shows how dangerous ISIL can be with more groups in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon and other countries in Middle East pledged allegiance to caliph of Baghdadi which expanded from 7th through 10th centuries when Arab muslims were considered the strongest and most dominant in the world.  PM Abadi was one of the most dignitaries attending the conference.  He made an outstanding speech stating Iraq is determined on defeating terrorists and liberating all areas overrun by ISIL. 
      PM Abadi also met with Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal in Brussels during the conference.  Both  pledged to improve their relationships and join efforts to defeat ISIL.  Faisal accepted an invitation to Baghdad.  Saudi Arabia has not have an ambassador in Baghdad since Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990.
      In Anbar province a prominent tribal leader reported that Iraqi security forces backed by tribal fighters and airstrikes led by Sandfly attacked ISIL terrorist units in the Hit area putting to sleep at least 16 and wounding scores.  Among the dead  was an Egyptian leader within ISIL ranks.  Six vehicles and shelters were destroyed.  Wasit province said they arrested 73 suspected criminals who are sleeping cells.  Kurdish fighters in the embattled Kobani said they repelled two offensives by ISIL killing and wounding a significant number.
      The Ministry of Interior said it will publish the names of 26 officers relieved from their duty lately.  The statement stated the changes are not meant to punish anyone but rather to bring change and young blood to the ranks of leadership of the army and other posts.
      Iran is denying that it conducted airstrikes against ISIL in Iraq.  US said there is no coordination with Tehran to launch airstrikes and flight paths of the US led coalition so not to cross those Iranian warplanes.  Military analyst said Iran is keeping an eye on a 25 mile wide stretch along its border with Iraq and the airstrikes are limited to those areas.  They added the commanders in both camps are aware of the airstrikes and their timing in order not to cross path.  Iraq welcomes any country willing to join the fight against terrorists.  US said Iran should not further inflame sectarian tensions.
      The head of Nahrain Bank, Abdul Mohsen al-Munthiri said Iraq is fortunate enough to have several options when faced with challenging circumstances.  He projected Iraq will work on creating industries and agricultural projects in near future.  The private sector will play a major role in the next phases.  He concluded that all Iraqis have the responsibility and duty to help increase revenues.
      US Energy Information Admin said Iraq is seeking to increase its electric power generation to 27,000 megawatts by end 2015.  The current five year plan calls for budget $27B in power generation projects.  South Korean and Chinese companies are expected to lead in this field.
      Regional and international companies are watching the developments between GOI and KRG.  There is growing interest in investing and getting involved in Kurdistan projects.  There are plenty of infrastructure building projects that it needs especially with many displaced people will reside permanently in the region. 
      Financial experts in Iraq expect to see reductions in the budget that will affect every employee working in government institutions.  An employee at the ministry of construction and housing said her monthly salary was cut by $100, the deduction comes from bonuses not from basic salary.  Similar deductions are to be expected across the board.
      Lebanese authorities reported they detained the wife of the founder of ISIL and her son.  ISIL has twenty Lebanese security forces hostages, so the wife and her son may be used as a bargaining chip for their release. 
      Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi declared a comprehensive deal has been reached between KRG and GOI.  KRG will give GOI control of 250,000 bpd and export 300,000 bpd through the Turkish Ceyhan pipeline and terminal.  In return, GOI will give KRG $13B per year in addition to an immediate $1B to pay salaries.  Abdul Mahdi said the deal proves that oil belongs to all Iraqis and will unite the country in their fight against the terrorists.  OPEC countries are nervous as some of them, just like Iraq depend largely on oil exports.  As oil prices continue to plunge, Iraq and OPEC are scrambling to generate income from other sources and tighten their expenses.  One expert who remains anonymous said this is a healthy wake up call forcing the bureaucrats to get off the behind.
      After a week full of diplomacy visits by Pope Frances and Pres. Putin.  Turkey finally agreed to let US and NATO countries to use its southern airbases to launch airstrikes against ISIL on condition US will establish safe zone in northern Syria bordering Turkey.
      French oil giant TOTAL said it has discovered new reserves of oil and gas near the city of Erbil in Kurdistan region.  This is a second discovery in the same area in two years. 
      As oil prices plunges, Iraqi officials are working hard to find ways to save money especially foreign currency.  Several ministries are getting rid of excessive red tape and streamlining their operations electronically.  Council of Ministers agree to cut minister’s salaries by 50% that applies to deputy ministers and other top officials.  This effort will not affect the poor and the  needy.
      From Rumor Land :  Backdoc is interested in December 12th as a day of completion concerning the laws in time for them to complete the budget and holiday.  TerryK thinks parliament is still in session.  Exogen says global banking and financial instruments are currently being calibrated.  Poppy3 says time will tell but it will not be long in his book. Shredd doesn’t know if CBI going with managed float or market driven float. Tim724 says banking laws will make all the difference for Iraq, to bring them in compliance with IMF and propel their economy using international standards of operations.  Angelquest thinks it’s done but not sure.  Millionday says they are amending the banking laws in a hurry and CBI is in the final stages.  Backdoc thinks Iraq needs to get international rate to recruit new business.
      The spin stops here  send your comments to #naditafile,  Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone
    • By Nadita
      Nadita File – 11/28/2014
      Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J
      Fighting ISIS : Thriver reported Austrian police arrest 13 people suspected of recruiting young people to fight with jihadist groups in Syria.  Arrest follow police raids on mosques, apartments and prayer rooms in Vienna and other major cities.  Austrian authorities investigating more than 150 people believed to have joined jihadist groups in Iraq and Syria.
      Other News : Watercop heard former RB Ray Rice wins appeal of indefinite suspension by the NFL, players’ union says.  Judge found that the NFL overstepped its authority in modifying Rice’s two game suspension after a video of him punching his then fiancée was made public.  Rice was released by the Ravens shortly after the video came out.
      A-J516 reported from Austin, TX that investigagors are examining motives of gunman who tried to set Mexican consulate on fire. Gunman fired more than 100 rounds at downtown buildings before he was killed.  Austin police official says it’s unclear whether the man took his own life or was shot by police.  Bomb squad determined that suspicious objects in the man’s car and on his body were not explosives.
      Obama admin is preparing to transfer more detainees from Gitmo in coming weeks, according to WSJ.  Transfers follow defense secy Chuck Hagel’s resignation announcement last week.  Hagel has reportedly been criticized by Obama admin officials for moving too slowly to certify detainees for release.  Pres. Obama announced before taking office that he’d close Gitmo.  Gitmo now holds some 140 detainees, down from nearly 250 when Pres. Obama took office.  At its post 9/11 peak Gitmo held 800 terror suspects.  Captl1 finally understood why Hagel was fired.
      Iran’s leader says it is America that will be the loser if talks on Iran’s nuclear program do not yield results.  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Thursday he approves of plan to extend deadline on talks to spring-summer 2015.  Khamenei also warning Israel, saying the country will be more insecure each day, regardless of the outcome of the talks.  US and other world power want Tehran to curtail its enrichment of uranium in exchange for an easing of economic sanctions.
      Umbertino reported live from Guinea as French Pres. Francois Hollande arriving in the Ebola stricken nation of Guinea, becoming the first western leader to visit a country at the center of the ongoing Ebola outbreak.  Hollande says France has a duty to support Guinea, a former French colony.  France has pledged $125M to fight the virus in Guinea, with plans to open several treatment facilities and mobile health clinics.  More than 1,200 people have died from Ebola in Guinea.
      Treasury Inspector General for Tax Admin (TIGTA) report finds IRS issued $70M in bogus refunds in 2012 to prisoners who filed phony tax refund claims.  Report found more than 137,000 phony returns were filed using prisoners social security number in 2012, compared to 37,000 in 2007.  TIGTA conducted review after reports showed IRS was not doing enough to crack down on fraud and provide updates to congress, as required by the inmate tax fraud prevention act of 2008.
      Cook county, IL sues WF accusing the largest US mortgage lender of targeting Chicago area black, Hispanic and female borrowers for decades, with predatory and discriminatory lending aimed at maximizing profit.  Lawsuit is the latest accusing major banks of biased mortgage lending.  Cook county says damages may total $300M or more.
      The bull stayed steady on the slippery slope and closing at 17,828.  S&P500 is down 5 points at 2,067 and Nasdaq gains 4 points at 4,791.  Gold closed at $1,175, silver at $15.55 and copper at $2.85.  Crude oil closed at $66.15
      Wiljor can’t believe oil prices drop to 4.5 year low in wake of decision by OPEC not to cut production. Brent crude fell to $70.15 a barrel on Friday, the lowest price since May 2010.  On Thursday, the 12 OPEC members decided to maintain production at 30M barrels per day.  As OPEC holds, prices fold in Exxon (XOM) dipped 4%, closing at $90.54 and Chevron (CVX) also lost 5.4%, closing at $108.87.
      Solar stocks slump as cheaper oil will taper demand for solar.  Solar plays in electricity affectged by price of coal and natural gas.  Solar stocks closing down big today : First Solar (FSLR), Sun Power (SPWR), Sunedison (SUNE), SolarCity (SCTY), Canadian Solar (CSIQ).  Petrobas (PBR) is down 8%, closing at $9.72.
      Boosterbglee is smiling as JetBlue (JBLU) rallied 7.5% today, closing at $14.63.  Walmart (WMT) leads Dow higher today, closing at $87.54, gaining 3%.
      Gymrat76541 feels lucky as Liberty Global (LBTYA) shares spike more than 7% , closed at $51.98 at the news of joint venture with Vodafone (VOD) closed at $36.55
      From Dinar Land : Chess reported fierce fighting between Iraqi security forces backed by tribal fighters and ISIL in Ramadi as ISIL tried to take control of government buildings which no avail.  Anbar has to be deliverated or at least neutralized because of its proximity to Baghdad and pose a threat to Diyala, Kirkud and Salahaddin provinces.  ISIL cut all cell communication networks in city and that communications will not be allowed to return for obvious reason that their communication will be picked up by US. 
      Sandly will begin training a group of 4,000 people comprising of Christians, Yazidis and other minorities expressed their desire to fight alongside the security forces and are waiting to be trained and armed.
      Calkid11 reported life from Sinjar that Canadian transport planes dropped Canadian and Australian relief supplies including drinking water, blankets and food rations on Mt. Sinjar where hundreds or may be thousands of Yazidis are still trapped.
      Genx4me attends the meeting with members of Human Rights Commission Salamah Khafaji said that political stability and outstanding policies of current government will prove to be the main factor in a military victory against ISIL.  She thanked US led coalition for their efforts in aiding Iraqis especially the displaced families.  She added Iraq needs to rebuild whatever was destroyed by the terrorists as soon as areas are liberated and secured.
      Drj was in the meeting with Minister of Oil Adel Abdul Mahdi’s comment mirrored Muna Al Ghourabi’s saying that Iraq must have a balanced strategy of promoting and creating industries and agricultural projects and that private sectors will play a major role in the development of Iraq’s industrial and agricultural projects. 
      Council of Ministers will submit a 108T Iraqi Dinars 2015 budget to the parliament as soon as the final touches are approved by the ministers.  House Speaker Jabouri said that House of Representatives expect the budget proposal to arrive on Saturday.
      Deputy of Minister of Housing and Construction said that they will build thousands of low cost housing units for the displaced, needy and families of fallen security forces members in Baghdad and other provinces.  The majority of these units will eventually be distributed for free, the rest will be on investment basis.
      The Chezh government offered to train Iraqi armed forces and supply the Kurdish peshmerga forces with advanced arms during a visit by Chezh Foreign Minister.  Chezh Ambassador to Iraq said his country and Czech companies are eager to get involved in Iraq’s rebuilding.
      French Ambassador also had a meeting with several Iraqi ministries to announce France and French companies are ready to participate in Iraq’s next phase of building.  The French expressed their interest to participate in several sectors including energy, telecommunications and heavy industries.
      From Rumor Land : Pepperoni on pizza thinks nothing is going to happen for the remainder of this year.  BGG says cabinet approves amendments to the draft 2015 budget.  Sounds like 2014and 2015 budgets are very close. WMAwhite in his opinion, feels everything is picking up speed.  Stryker believes Shabibi will see this through and has been communicating with the board of directors under an advisory position ever since he was accused.  Tman23 says KRG delegation led by Barzani along with their Finance Minister and Minister of Natural Resources will meet with PM Abadi, House Speaker Jabouri and Pres. Massoum on Sunday.
      The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile,  Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J
    • By Nadita
      Nadita File – 11/26/2014
      Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J
      Fighting ISIS : A-J516 reported US military conducts ten airstrikes against ISIS in Syria since Monday.  Airstrikes near the strategic city of Kobani targeted ISIS fighting positions, tactical units and staging areas.  Separately, US and coalition partners led by Sandfly carried out seven airstrikes in Iraq that targeted ISIS vehicles, occupied buildings, fighting units and a checkpoint. 
      Chess heard Pres. Obama to hold talks at the White House next week with Jordan’s King Abdullah.  WH says the military campaign to counter ISIS in Iraq and Syria will top the agenda.  The leaders are also expected to discuss the ongoing civil war in Syria, which has led to a refugee crisis in neighboring Jordan. 
      Ferguson Crisis : Genx4me says a prayer for business owners and residents in Ferguson, MO boarding up windows and clearing debris after two nights of unrest following Monday’s grand jury decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of 18 year old Michael Brown.  Authorities say there was relative calm in the St. Louis suburb Tuesday night.  Gov. Jay Nixon (D) crediting the ramped up presence and action of the Missouri National Guard.  Police say they made 58 arrests, mostly for failure to disperse, protesters set fire to a squad car and broke windows at city hall, according to authorities.  Meanwhile, Skrappyone heard protesters storm St. Louis City Hall on Wednesday, forcing police to lock down the building and call in reinforcements.  At least three people were arrested, including one on an assault charge.  The protesters were part of a group that marched and held a mock trail of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.
      Captl1 doesn’t feel good as he hears St. Louis county police say they are searching for an AR-15rifle stolen from one of the police cruisers set on fire during Monday night’s violence in Ferguson, MO.  Authorities say the high powered rifle is the only county police weapon taken in the disturbances.  Eleven police cars have been damaged or destroyed in the two nights of unrest in the St. Louis suburb. 
      Other News : Toyota Motor will recall 422,509 of its luxury brand Lexus vehicles in US to a possible fuel leak that increases the risk of fire.  The recall covers Lexus LS 2007-2010, Lexus GS and IS 2006-2011. Cynthia AH is going to take her car in.
      NHTSA demanding airbag maker Takata Corp. admit that its airbag inflators are defective and issue a nationwide recall by Tuesday.  In a letter to Takata, the NHTSA threatens the Japanese manufacturer with fines and legal action unless the company expands its recall from high humidity states to the entire country.  Takata maintains the airbag problems are caused by prolonged exposure to airborne moisture and that there is no need for a national recall.  Meanwhile, Boosterbglee reads safety regulators say at least two air bags have ruptures outside high humidity states.  Takata’s airbags have the potential to inflate with too much force, propelling metal shards into the passenger compartment.  The defective airbags have been blamed for at least five deaths and multiple injuries worldwide.
      Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg undergoes heart procedure.  Court says the 81 year old justice had surgery Wed morning to place a stent in her right coronary artery.  The justice had some discomfort last night during routine exercise and was taken to the hospital.  She is expected to leave the hospital in the next 48 hours.
      Obama admin announces plans to cut levels of smog-forming pollution in the air.  EPA calling for a new, lower threshold for ground level ozone pollution of 65 to70 parts per billion.  Current standard of 75 parts per billion was put in place by Pres. Bush in 2008.  Health and environmental groups are backing the new standard, while industry groups say complying with stricter regulations would be too costly.
      People traveling ahead of Thanksgiving could face wintry weather, particularly in the NYC-Boston corridor.  National Weather Service says major northeast cities are likely to see moderate to heavy rain most of the day Wednesday, with a  threat of snow following.  Higher elevation areas west of the I-95 corridor could see as much as 6-12 inches before the northeastern exits Wednesday night. Winter storm causes hundreds of flights to be cancelled.
      Millionaire in training is taken a bit surprise as European Commission Pres announces $393B investment plan to stimulate the EU’s struggling economy.  Jean Claude Juncker says the five year plan would provide a kick start to the economy, with potential to create up to 1.3M new jobs.  Stimulus plan calls for a $26B loan fund for infrastructure projects across the continent.  Critic says the plan isn’t feasible, as the European Commission proposal calls for more than $300B in private investment. 
      Calkid11 gives two thumbs up for US special forces took part in a secret rescue to free eight hostages held by al qaeda fighters in Yemen.  The official said no Americans were among those rescued.  Yemeni officials says the OP took place I a vast al qaeda haven near the Saudi border.
      Uneek reported WHO says 600 new cases of Ebola were reported in West Africa this week, most of those in Sierra Leone.  WHO says infections appear to be stabilizing in Guinea and stabilizing or declining in Liberia but increasing in Sierra Leone. In all, WHO says 15,935 have been stricken with Ebola with 5,689 people dying.  Sierra Leone’s Minister of Information says the Ebola outbreak in the West African nation may have reached its peak and be close to slowing down.  Drj says the worst could be over with the imminent completion of two British built treatment centers.  However, WHO says infections are still increasing in Sierra Leone, which has more than 6,000 of Africa’s approx 15,000 reported cases. 
      Eburt smiles as he finds out smoking rate for adults in the US dipped below 18% for the first time last year, according to a government report.  CDC says 17.8% of adults described themselves as smokers, which translates to about 42M people nationwide.  Report released Wednesday finds smoking is more common among certain groups such as the poor, less educated, and gays and bisexuals.  Nation’s smoking rate had stalled at around 20-21%, until it started dropping a few years ago.
      Karsten can’t believe a rare wooly mammoth skeleton sells for nearly $300,000 at a British auction.  Auction House says the skeleton was one of the most complete examples of the ice age mammal.  The skeleton had been part of a private collection in eastern Europe. 
      Snowglobe heard Cleveland police say two officers told a 12 year old boy with a  pellet gun three times to show his hands before they opened fire, fatally wounding the boy.  Authorities released 911 audio recordings and a surveillance video of the incident, in which the two police officers were responding to a report of an armed man in a Cleveland Park.  Authorities say the officers shot 12 year old Tamir Rice after Rice reached into his waistband for what appeared to be a firearm.  Police have identified the officers involved in the shooting as 26 year old Timothy Loechmann and 46 year old Frank Garmback.  The incident is currently under investigation and the two officers involved have been placed on leave. 
      The bull climbed 12 points on the slippery slope to 17,827.  S&P500 gained 5 points to close at 2,072.  Nasdaq is also smiling today for gaining 29 points at trading today, closing at 4,787.  Gold closed at $1,190, silver at $16.29, copper at $2.97.  Crude oil closed at $72.82.
      Wiljor is doing happy dance as he finds out gas prices in some states are seeing $2.48/gallon.  America is producing 9M bpd.  It is estimated to produce 11M in 18 months.  Currently we are importing 2.9M from Saudi Arabia, lowest in 30 years. OPEC producers agree not to cut output.  The OPEC meeting will be one of its most crucial in recent years, with oil having tumbled to below $75 a barrel due to the US shale boom and slower economic growth in China and Europe. Could we see oil price at $65/barrel??
      Target and Walmart are downgraded.  United Technology (UTX) is upgraded by Wells Fargo, even after CEO Louis Chenevert is retiring which he holds the position as CEO for six years.  He will be replaced by Gregory Hayes.
      Pandora is downgraded by FBR.  Seadrill (SDRL) is trading near session low, down 22.79%, closed at $15.99.  Canadian Pacific (CP) gained 37.06% in one year, closing today at $209.88.
      GoPro(GPRO) rallied in the last two days of trading, closing at $79.05, gaining another 5.81%.  Black Friday definitely brings some good exposure for GoPro.
      From Dinar Land : Vietnam1969 reported  Kurdish fighters protecting Kobani fought ISIL aided by US led coalition airstrikes.  Kobani has become the war of will and perseverance as the lines have not moved much from both camps.  Heavy fighting between Iraqi security forces backed by volunteers and ISIL in the center of Beiji.  As reported before, Beiji has been liberated last week but the terrorists managed to sneak in four of the city’s 12 neighborhoods.  Beiji is also a major supplies and communications route for ISIL. 
      S.Fitz heard the office of Iraq’s President said in order to shift authority from central government to provinces will require to visit 120,000 laws and by laws that affect the structure of provinces’ institutions and transferring power from the federal government.  It is time consuming and labor intensive but it can be done.
      Nfire was with PM Abadi when he vowed to get to the bottom of Speicher massacre.  He instructed his office to create a special panel to deal with and assist the victims’ families.
      USA Rice Federation won the latest rice tender for the Iraqi market.  The Federation was awarded a contract for 120,000 metric tons of very high quality long grain rice. Thriver is smiling as commission check will be pretty fat for brokering the rice contract.
      Minister of Electricity vowed to solve the electricity crisis within a short period of time.  He said every residence, business and factory will enjoy uninterrupted power supply soon.  The ministry will repair and maintain every existing power plant and distribution center as soon as possible as security allows. 
      From Rumor Land : Poppy3 has a rumor that 44 countries coming in Saturday where going to be addressed by the new president of ISX.  If this turns out to be true, we will hear the rate soon.  Pepperoni on pizza brings breaking news of Shabibi’s acquittal of the charges and prison sentence.  Millionday says fair market value means the reality rate, as it is calculated for global trade with all countries.  Bob hears rumors of the return of former CBI governor Sinan Al Shabibi appear true today.  Stories are surfacing of an acquittal of all charges. Stryker says it sure looks like the budget may make it to parliament before the end of the month and be read, extending this session until it’s voted on and passed.  Backdoc thinks anything is possible at any time.  TerryK hears they may pull the trigger late tonight.
      From our own Adam Montana : When HCL is in place, with Abadi actually bridging the gap between the Sunnis and Shiites, the CBI will have no reason left to delay raising the value of the dinar and that means CHA-CHING J
      The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile,  Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J
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