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One World of Nations - great info

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UPDATE 3-15-14:

 The latest from John at One World of Nations: 

We seem to be getting a lot of WHA tracking as each seek to be first at the trough, once the markets create a brief slot. The Site Manager seems to be trying to field the world out there the Dinarans congregate en masse for a fast escape from skid row for many. Its tough, we understand and sympathize. So lets give him a hand as a gesture of respect and goodwill to all or he will be sunk coping alone under a feeding frenzy of hungry grazers.

1. There are no absolutes and no organised markets in the Non Accredited Currencies such as Dongs,Dinars etc. Confusion reigns everywhere. It is all uncharted territory with the blind leading the blind. A recipe for chaos. There is NO existing infrastructure to follow for Dinarians.

2. Money is finite. The US is On Balance Sheet insolvent. Getting Off Balance Sheet funds converted is a tricky process monopolized by the Cabal. They have taken everything. For decades.So, of course having stolen the country blind, Bush the Neocons and the Zionist Mafias have no time or respect for who they perceive as the laid back, ignorant Plebs who let them get away with it. Their views, not ours. And you have. Nor will they willingly pay it back. 

This is stated with respect, but intended to Culture Shock to try to help get the point home. Your doing nothing, is why they take everything with impunity. You have to organize. Or fold. 

3. Special groups HAVE organised themselves and gone out to find large scale Private Buyers to take in their Dongs, Dinars etc. So, they deserve any rewards they accomplish. Good luck to them and well done. They thought it out and self organised as Thinking groups. Success is deserved. 

4. Then we have a market of millions who bought in, albeit in good faith, but are clueless how to get out. Dinar vast overprinting has been a colossal game and many innocent but naive speculators may get hurt. But step out of your knowledge zone in any field and the results are the same. How do you think this will end? Money is finite and it will go fast. 

5. Banks have no Forex Systems ready to deal with the Public yet for these currencies. Nor is it imminent. Dreamers expecting to walk into Branches with non standard paper will get nowhere and it may be seized as suspect fraud or money laundering. History of Funds bought from non accredited Guru sites face real issues. Explaining unusual income gains from Zero to Hero is a minefield of Compliance problems ahead when Banks seek your History of Funds explanations via KYC and anti Money Laundering pre clearance rules.The mass Public have no idea of the complexity of what’s waiting. This is not the banks fault. An easy few million. You wish. Learn – the – Rules!

6. We are not there to offer any consultancy or guidance. This is not our fight, its yours. There is not the money on the planet to fund even 10% of what the Dinarians are seeking. If you are lucky you may well need your own Legal Advisers to help certify you to Banks and help you clear Compliance. Be prepared in case. Play this wrong and they will freeze your funds and close your accounts. Learn the rules for the majors. This IS real goodwill to try to help you. Life is tough. We will not correspond on this. Get all your paperwork ready to hand for a fast run at it. Blink and its gone. 500,000 S House Rats will be coming out of those traps in a Klondyke rush.

So please, treat it as Tough Love goodwill. Free help one time. 
Take the tongue in cheek humor here as just that. Its not a Currency or Dinar site. Good luck with whats evolving and hopefully some will succeed. But its mainly very hard work, good planning and good contacts. If the chance comes cash out and and get safe. Then take your time and think out your next steps with great care. Don’t gamble and lose it.The hardest lesson in life is to understand that making money is not the hardest thing. Keeping it is. Never forget that. Priceless advice. Watch your site.


Once again, the warning goes out to those of you who wish to exchange your dinar or dong for a good rate. Be quick about it. The above words are from someone who is well positioned to know. Don’t be slow. 

I am appreciative of John to provide this information and to consider the increasing traffic we are getting as people suddenly wake up from their dogmatic slumber to see the reality of what it may be like ahead. According to those who look at this event from the top down, there is opportunity, but it wont last if you are slow.

How ironic that today is the Ides of March. 2058 years ago today, Julius Caesar was assassinated by many whom he had earlier pardoned and forgave when they took up arms against him after he lead his legions across the tiny Rubicon river and marched on Rome – a gross act of high treason and insubordination. I know, it’s not a cheery topic. But, Caesar was known for his bravado, his daring and his propensity to take chances. He took bold actions and he did not prevaricate or drag his feet. 

Take a lesson in all this. Please, just act quickly. Don’t worry about why. Just be quick. And, remember, Caesar acted boldly and became dictator. But, he could not hold onto his prize because he disregarded warnings that there were murmurs of treachery against him. 

Don’t disregard the warnings about being quick. Caesar paid for his sudden lazy attitude.

Please, don’t be like Caesar. 


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Wow, man, the writer of this article is a genius. Let me sum up this incoherent rambling mess: There is no market for unrecognized currencies like the Dinar, so we will likely get screwed out of our money, by rich people who organize a way to take our money, using some sort of behind-the-scenes, nefarious set of rules. Good points, really. I say you get a good Chartered Accountant who specializes in Tax Rules regarding speculation and trading in currency. Don't do it alone, or the government will screw you over good. And when the time comes, be prepared, do it quick, or you will get screwed out of your money.

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Yes indeed...It may be a crooked poker game, but it's the only one in town....

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BLOOMBERG: Swiss Antitrust Regulator Probes Eight Banks Over FX-Rigging


The Banks are lining up to present their hands for a slap on the wrist. It will take at least 2-years for the process to conclude, most likely with no 'SERIOUS' amounts of money in penalties relative to the amount of monies made skimming the process!

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