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Iraqi Airways plans to fly to America, and several European cities and plans to implement e-booking

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Author: BS, MK
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2014-01-13 12: 08
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Iraqi Airways, announced Monday its intention to fly to the United States and many European countries, indicating that it is to apply the electronic booking system and reduced ticket prices for travelling on aircraft.

Associate Director, said airlines, Majeed Al-Ameri, told the (term), "the company is seeking to open new routes to the United States and many European cities including Amsterdam, Geneva and Vienna", noting that "the promotion of tourism in General and religious in particular, and increase trade between Iraq and those countries."

The-Amiri, "next week will witness the opening of a number of Airlines offices in Asian countries", stating that "airlines will open three offices in China as well as an Office in Azerbaijan".

And Deputy Director of Iraqi Airways, "near the e-card reservation system to be available to citizens nearby months ahead as it works in the rest of the world", noting that "the company will cut the price of tickets for those using aircraft permanently throughout the year.

The Iraqi Airways was founded in 1937 by the Association of Iraqi aviation, were used at the beginning of its British aircraft, and in the 1970s, has allowed u.s. planes to use John f. Kennedy airport in New York.

Iraqi Airways were suspended in 2003 because of the entry of US troops for Iraq but began work again in 2004.

And restored life to the Iraqi Airways by contracting to a large number of world aircraft (Airbus) and (Boeing) and (bombardo) of Canada, in addition to Charter flights, increasing the number of Iraqi aircraft, the number of lines.


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