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With all this negative talk about government, debt ceilings, closed government etc here in America, it got me thinging.


Where in the world is a happy place..?


If not America, then where....


If we had our big cash in event and could go anywhere, get that second passport, become a "person of the world"


Where would you go to join the happy people.


Just a thought...   Comments..?


Go RV..!!

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That's my thought...Why does it have to be this way...It doesn't have to, there is enough of everything to go around..But my answer to your question is, If I were independently wealthy I wouldn't be so concerned with all the negative..I hope anyway...Good Question, Thanks..

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THAIEXPAT has found a happy place - simple & beautiful right down to the people, from what we hear him tell -

- but he could be happy anywhere with his beautiful little son :)  So Thailand sounds pretty nice.


Bali used to be swell until the terrorists showed up.


Belize used to be nice until the Expats showed up.


We find solace, peace & quiet calm in the jungle at 'OlSarge'sFishCamp and on the ocean in Panama. 


Depends on what you require -

whether you find it deep in your heart or head when chaos reigns down on all those about you,


or you squirrel away in a jungle or a small village, a mountain top in Alaska,

a simple place with down-to-earth people who value life and don't murder each other like 'civilised' nations.....


it's out there for you....


Make a list of what your personal requirements are, pray on it and start hunting and researching.


Godspeed. :wave:  ^_^

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My happy place is watching my Walt Disney movie Song of the South I love this movie last shone in the United States was 1973 considered politically incorrect so Walt Disney will not sell Song Of The South in the States.  



Your post just took US to a Happy Place, Dear MYDOGZ ! :)  :D


Interesting story, great movie, and now we're smiling over here !


You're the BEST ! :wub:

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