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Hey Guys,


The address you are pulling up for these domains are not the addresses of the owners of the domains.


The address you're seeing is the offices of the Registrar of the domain names (the company or domain name reseller that sold the new domain names to the domain name owners).


The owners of the domains have opted for their domain names to be listed as private so that nobody can spam them with tons of emails, call them, solicit them, etc.


Whenever you see an email address that has the type of format listed:, it is a domain name protected by a privacy feature. Some people pay extra for this feature, some get it for free when they purchase and register their new domain name.




~ Victor E.

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For what it is worth.  It looks like both sides of this argument are right.  lol  I have not looked up where oneiraqidinar is or isn't.  But if you go to


you do get the English version of the "card" website.  and it is available in about a dozen languages you can choose from at the top.  It looks like the story about the card is referring to a posted location on the dinar seller, true.  But the actual business that is issuing the card, does apear to be in Iraq.  If when you get there you check the contact us button, everything is in Iraq.  Check the FAQ section, those are all directly related to Iraq.  And if you look around their site some more, you find they have branches in some neighboring countries.


The website for the Qi card does in fact seem to be over there.  If it is a fraud, it is pretty good.  All the directorships that they deal with are in Iraq.  All the 700 employees are described as "Iraqi", not Canadian.


So while I cannot say anything at all about appears that the company putting out Qi card has been around since about 2007, in Iraq.


One other point.  as you change languges on their site, the pics, and in fact the whole website changes somewhat.  I think the blond child with balloons, and the other pics are there to relate to the audience using that language speicific page.


Just my opinion.


The site is very informative. It clearly states that at the moment the cards are only used for salaries, and have been for some time. Also that they are only for use inside Iraq.

There is a list of participating agencies and it looks like they are only of any use to government related employees.


A point that many seem to overlook is that the Iraqis have to pay 10 thousand dinar for the card, which probably explains why only a relatively small number are in use.

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what happened to them giving them away? Or even adding a little money onto the card to encourage people to get them? Or was that a suggestion and not what was actually happening..




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