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  1. ​ don't think so, it would have been on the news already.
  2. I think there's more that one actor playing the part of Okie, all he wants is attention and he has everyones. Okie is nothing but a pumper.
  3. CBI web site says 1166, and they want to reduce it down to 1180 instead of 1184? something don't sound right.
  4. Parliamentary committee attributes decline in IQD price to failure policy of CBI Added by Ibrahim Khalil on June 2, 2013.Saved under Business Tags: Baghdad, CBI, IQD, Iraqi dinar Baghdad ( The Economic Parliamentary Committee attributed the continuous decline in the value ofthe Iraqi dinar in exchange of USD price to “the unsuccessful policy adopted by the Central Bank of Iraq.” The Secretary of the Parliamentary Committee, Mahamma Khalil, stated to that ”The continuous decline in the price of the Iraqi dinar in exchange of the US dollar is a
  5. Added by Ibrahim Khalil on May 14, 2013. Saved under Business Tags: Baghdad, IQD, Iran, Iraqi dinar, Syria Baghdad ( The price of the US dollar in the local markets reached 1,300 Iraqi dinars, compared to 1220 dinars in mid-March and represents a significant reduction of the Iraqi dinar’s value since the two last years. It is known that the official price of the USD until this day, according to the Central Bank of Iraq is IQD 1166 and that means that the value of the Iraqi dinar has reduced more than 11%. According to representatives of Iraqi News (, this de
  6. F-none of the above, they are going on a Holiday
  7. I am confused as well, so what is the official rate? 1120 or 1166 or 1129
  8. I am began to wonder if they even want to RV. They depend on our dollar to much.
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