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  1. As a banker, I hope this answer helps future questions from Dinararians to any bank(s) about the Dinar of any kind. Please know that Private Bankers, Wealth Management Bankers, Personal Bankers, Managers at Banking Centers, Investment Bankers and the Foreign Exchange Offices do not and will not have any information to share about the future of the Dinar that has been conveyed (asked) within their banking worlds to us as Dinar investers. The only thing banking personnel knows about the Dinar is what they have read on their own time or through contacts outside the bank. It is their own thought a
  2. "Sometimes we have the dream but we are not ourselves ready for the dream. We have to grow to meet it." — Louis L'Amour Bendigo Shafter
  3. Enjoyed the broadcast ladies, thanks for sharing...
  4. May you be correct my dinar brother from another mother...
  5. That's how the carts parking brake works
  6. Loved it then (Don James) and now.. Go Huskies....
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