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  1. when you are making decissions for a nation their is no possible way to make everyone happy and thats what we have here, when in reality no matter who the president is, their are going to be naysayers about him.but none of you guys that are talking crap about our president cant even manage their own lives let alone a thing you need to understand the president is just a puppet in the grand scheme of things, and the real shot callers are the ones that makes the real decisions so if you think that Obama or Bush put us in this situation you are in a fantasy world cause both of them are doing what they are told to if you vote for Romny or Obama the country is still going to continue down the path the real shot callers decided it should go in..
  2. I live in the dallas area I have a million I can sell me at
  3. KEEPS. Of course they are not going to advertise that because that would be suicide for them.but I believe they are removing the zero's through the money auctions we have been over this a hundred times.what else would the Goi be doing bringing in all those dinars,they are not recirculating all of them back into the economy the majority of them is getting put away.the people prefer the usd and this makes the perfect time to flood the market with usd and remove the zero's and once they got the amount of the dinar in circulation they could easily revalue it.a lop or remove the zero's off the currency just does not make sense.
  4. they still could rv without the small denoms,remember they still have the usd, so if you bought something with a 50 dinar note they would give you back change in usd, because it is still the currency of choice,and once they get the new currency printed (the small denoms with the kurds language on it) and also the fils only then will they be asked not to use the usd but start using the new smaller denoms.
  5. Luigi1 No they are not dumping dinar back into their economy right now,this is the point of the law they are going to pass when they rd that you have to trade in your dollars for the new lower dinars with the four languages on is dedollarization.I don't know how many times I have to explain this but here we go again.Iraq has 2 choices in order to raise the value of the dinar. 1 lop three zeros of the currency now they just took their 30 trillion and made it 30 billion and then raise the exchange rate after moving the decimal point over three places (.00086 to .86) now your 30 billion becomes 3 trillion.and now you have a bunch of un educated Iraqis confused and upset because they don't understand what is going on with their dinar. when turkey which Iraq is always comparing themselves to Lopped or Rd whatever you want to call it they straight printed new currency and everyone trade it in right away it didn't take years like Iraq is talking about now you have a mess on your hands because you have u.s dollars in circulation you also have a old currency with the value lopped three zero's and you also are putting out smaller denoms with the Kurdish language on it and all this is going on at the same time it's to confusing for the Iraqi people.if this is the way Iraq was going to go it could have been done in a matter of months not years. 2 you could use the money auctions to pull in the dinar,now why would this work? Because everyone is using the dollar it is the preferred currency for the majority of the country because it has a greater purchasing power and they don't have to carry as much cash on them,so when people go into banks wether it's a merchant or a citizen they are trying to get the dollar not the dinar.this is why the banks in the currency auctions are buying dollars because it is what the people prefer to use.their would be no point in getting dinar when the people don't want the c.b.I takes in dinar and give the local banks dollars and the banks delivers that to it's customers because once again it is what they see how that works supply and demand.ok now you with me,now all c.b.I has to do is collect in dinar which is about 4 to 5 trillion a month and recirculate some back into the economy but the lions share is put away to later be destroyed when they revalue,now once they got that money supply where they want it they can just RV,now sinse everyone in Iraq is use to the dollar they come out 1 to 1 print the new currency and trade equally across for the new dinar with the Kurdish language on it, and once they dedollarize the country they can start raising it back to the 3 to 1 over a period of time. now I am not saying that I know for a fact that number 2 is for sure what Iraq is going to do,but it definitely accomplish their goal a lot better than # 1 and the goal was to give the dinar the purchasing power it had pre war and do it in a way it would be less confusing to the people and that's what shabbs wanted so you tell me what's easier.
  6. They are trying to blow smoke,but technically he is right the removal of the zeros is not going to raise the exchange rate,because raising the exchange rate is part 2 of the plan he was just speaking of the 1st part of the plan.they are just trying to throw off the speculation don't worry guy's we will be OK.
  7. Jgreene Ok most people in Iraq are using the dollar not the dinar because it has more buying power and they carry less cash,so why would the banks in Iraq sell all their dollars to the cbi and buy the dinar when the majority of the country don't use the dinar.I am not saying they are collecting it for the RV.I am saying their buying the dollars so they can assist their it makes perfect sense for the cbi to collect the dinar,because the more they get back they would be less responsible for when they do revalue.I don't understand why this so difficult to except.if majority of the people are using the dollar and the banks are using dinar to buy the dollar what is cbi doing with the dinar they collect?I can tell you they are not just throwing it out the window when they know they are getting ready to revalue or putting it back in circulation especially when people don't care to use it.
  8. Jgreene Look at what it says 21 banks bought dollars at a rate of 1170. If it was the cbi that bought usd it would not matter how many banks were involved.but it showed the 21 banks bought 192,789,000 dollars with what we need to find out is who is doing the purchasing the cbi or the 21 banks,and if it is cbi that is buying dollars then there would be no point in telling how many banks were involved.that is where the confusion is coming from.
  9. Truthful1 Just because their m2 is growing doesn't mean it is from the dinars being taken in from the I explained in another post any time they refer to their finances it will always be in dinar,so if their m2 is growing it doesn't mean it is actual dinar that is making it grow.their budget last year was 86 trillion dinar,there was not even half that ever printed so why do the say it is 86 trillion dinar because they convert it to dinar because it is their currency.we in the united states don't say we have in our m1 1trillion dollars 6 hundred billion peso's no we just convert everything to dollars.if no one wants to deal with dinar in Iraq and everyone is trading it back in to buy usd (which is obvious because the auction sale for the dollar is so high) then why would you put it back in the economy when you are trying to make the dinar stronger and by reducing the amount would do just that,if the people like using the dollar let them use it and collect all your dinar back in until you get the money supply where you need it to be then you RV it to what ever their goals see this money auction is a perfect mechanism to keep that balance between the dinar and dollars in circulation in with all this being said I'm sure they are putting some dinar back in the streets because you don't want the amount in the streets to get to low cause it could hurt them as well.
  10. I think there will be a straight RV. First let's look at the money auctions,I think this was the plan to remove the zeros,if you want to take a money supply down without a lop the auction would be the best way to do it.if you took 175,000,000 USD and times it by 1170 (which is the rate of the dinar) and you did this for 22 days it would give you 4.5 trillion dinar a month once shab got the amount of dinar reduced to let's say for example 3 trillion dinar in circulation(I will explain later why I chose 3 trillion.) all he would have to do is keep the auction going to balance the money supply,now instead of their being 30 trillion dinar in circulation there is really 3 trillion dinar and 24 billion USD dollars in circulation which if you do the math 24 billion usd x 1170 plus the 3 trillion of dinar is 30 trillion which is what they are claiming in circulation.when they do their budget they say it is 86 trillion dinar now we all know their were not 86 trillion dinar even printed so they used petro dollars to cover the budget, but when they are speaking of their finances they always convert to dinars because it is their I chose 3 trillion because I read a article that stated they were trying to get the currency down to 4 trillion dinars with 2.9 billion notes in circulation. I am not sure what is true if the USA does have 4 trillion dinar in it's foreign currency reserves and they have the oil for dinar deal.and we all read how that plays out when we cash in a 10 thousand dinar note and we receive barrels of oil and at what it cost Iraq to produce a barrel of oil after it's broken down it actually cost them .60 cents so to recover a 10 thousand dinar note is actually 126 if you figure their is 4.5 to 7.5 trillion dinar out of Iraq that will be used for oil purchases only it would cost no more than a trilion to recover the if you take the trillion outside and the 3 trillion inside that would give you their goal of 4 trillion.the other countries might not even cash in for oil they may use the new stronger dinar in their foreign currency don't take none of these numbers to be actual because no one knows how much dinars are in or out the country but these figures are just round abouts and the numbers could be adjusted thru the money auctions to fit Iraqis needs so it could be 1trillion dinar in circulation and the rest usd I don't know just giving you some numbers to get my point across either way Iraq could easily RV 1 to 1 with the usd since people are already trained in using the usd and this would be a win win situation for everyone including the people of Iraq not to mention the less confusing way for everyone even less confusing than a lop.
  11. You are correct donniedoright it's not worthless,but what I am meaning is it takes 25,000 to make 21 dollars and it is harder for the people to deal with the zero's,so this is why they they would rather use the usd.and because they are selling more usd in the auctions it would be the best time to bring in the dinar for a RV.
  12. like I said I dont believe they would show this because it would be a streight admitting to a RV without a lop and we all know what would happen if they did that it would be suicide.I just dont see the point in recirculating the worthless dinar back into the economy when it doesnt have any real value.It doesnt make sense to keep it out there when at this point the budgets been paid with money from oil sales which is usd,the people of iraq are using mostly usd,so what is the point in keeping the dinar in circulation,i am not saying some of the dinar is not going back into circulation but i think in the last year shabbs was most likely pulling the majority of it out so iraq could get it closer to what he needs it to be for the streight up RV.
  13. I don't know about that keeps I think they may have been recirculating dinars back and forth in the beginning but I think that is part of them removing the zeros instead of this so called would make since for them to have been pulling a little out at a time,but if you selling a175,000,000 for 22days in a month that's over 4 trillion dinar this would be the best time to do it while everyone is still using usd I will be surprised if there is 7 to 8 trillion in circulation.and I would doubt if they would come out and tell you that's what they have been could remove zeros without lopping,also it would only cost about 26 billion dollars to get that money supply to 4 trillion where they want it to be.jmo only
  14. It ain't that the country can't afford to get their people some water,but maliki and allowi can't seem to stop having their pissing contest and instead of the country progressing at a rapid rate it is moving at snail pace.
  15. I don't understand how they money supply keeps increasing when they have not printed any new dinar for 2011.I don't believe anything they say.if they had 30 billion dinar in circulation in pre war and now here it is 20 something years later,with inflation and there population increased 35% not to mention the dinar was 3 to 1 how in the hell could they dedollarize that country and do it with 30 billion dinar in circulation when the reach there final goal, that dinar would have to rv at 6 to 7 dinars to the dollar,and that's not going to happen.
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