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  1. That is the problem with the daily guru posts that claim they have intel from "the people in the highest places, boots on the ground andetc." Okie is the worst with so many claims that it will be the next day or so for sure with all his animated sayings----nuff said, ships at sea, etc. I think he is just trying to sell more dinar by creating the sense that it is about to happen. The problem I see is he [they] have no care for the people that are hoping for this to solve REAL financial problems that REAL people have incurred. They are sadistical liars with selfish reasons for their repeated false prints exciting the hopes of many. I personally like Adam's comments---he maybe wrong but he does not try to pump everyone up fpr his personal gain or to jack up his own ego. Hang in there man and know that GOD loves you and will take care of us!!!!!!
  2. Okie and the band of gurus that promise dates, rates and do so every week are a very sadistical group. They cause people that really NEED this to happen much anguish on a weekly basis. They are probably conected to a dinar sales site trying to obtain more sales by false information from "trusted, high level" informats. It is truly sad to see their weekly performance and how it gets people in expectant mode only to be let down and they know the desperation of many. It is similar to Bernie Madoff's actions---totally selfesh not concerned for anyone else.
  3. I am sorry but you and Okie are sadistical getting peoples hopes up that are in desperate need. I really hate to see your posts and then print something like "In His Mercy and Grace". Hope you can sleep well>
  4. Thanks for the link but am still not really understanding. What will a 25,000 dinar note be worth if the zeros are dropped in US dollars. Thanks Again---If you go to currency newshound there is a clip stating that this is what they are talking about tommorrow.
  5. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! If you go to currency newshound there is a news clip stating that this will be discussed tommorrow. It just made me wonder what will our dinars be worth once this happens. Thanks Again and remember those families that had loses ten years ago tommorrow.
  6. I am sorry if I am rehashing a topic but I still don't understand what this all means. If the zeros are removed what will a 25,000 dinar note be worth in US dollars in the end? Thanks very much!!!!
  7. Thanks for correcting Frank about his mis information in a gentlemans way. I think you have plenty of feedback concerning your misinformation on this site. Please regard yours as you expect Frank to regard his corrections. Ships not at sea because you just landed your jet on the dingy.
  8. "RIGHT QUITE OFTEN" I must have been asleep sorta like Rip Van Winkle---for a long time.
  9. Ever heard of the kid that cried wolf???? Don't understand how Okie's 100% wrong frothings is of benefit to anyone and how does this make him "closer to the source of knowledge"? All this makes him closer to the TRUTH? You grounded in his koolaide?
  10. Oakie---Would just like to know why you insist on all the hype when wrong so much? There are alot of people that are really hoping this will bring them out of financial problems due to the extended down economy or other factors. It is sadistic to build hopes every week only to be wrong and on top to throw GOD's name into the fray!!!!! WOW!!!
  11. I think the number you are refering to is the serial number of the machine used to authincate the ills. I called DT after receiving my first purchase to ask.
  12. Is Oakie related to Charlie Sheen? There must be some connection!!!
  13. Love ya Bang but we lived thru the same situation for a few weeks in 1996. All government employees were given back pay to the tune of 400 million. I sure hope your right and the RV is the only way but our government is capable of doing MANY things to keep going. Don't see that this pressures the RV>
  14. I do not agree with someone being disrespectful but when you put out as much "intel" as these same people do I think they need to be brought to task. It is not like it was a mistake, only happened once, twice or every now and then, it is every day or so with complete false information concerning concrete dates, rates, etc. Some people enjoy physical abuse in the privacy of their homes, others like to get verbal abuse by printing totally false information and between that and financial gain is where these people fit. Same people, same info, same results equal consistant treatment---calling it bashing, disrespect or whatever but seems to me to be treatment deserved.
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