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  1. You're welcome Chief V ... that picture of the "toy" is where part of my RI/RV 'd dinar is going ... my wife said, "Honey, be sure and buy enough (more) so that you can get yourself any trike that you want!" ... I thought that that was so selfless that I bought enough (more) to buy her a house and a couple of cars (if she wants them) as well! Nope, she doesn't have a sister ... everyone asks. Peace
  2. The IMF SDR rate according to the IMF site ... if I read this right ... on December 31, 2009 is 1.56769 (Q4) It's located in Table 1 near the bottom under "rates" ... far right Q4 ... not quite sure what that means in relation to the original post and the insightful post that followed by Chief V ... but isn't 1.56769 better for us than .65 ??? Thanks both of you
  3. Can someone please direct me to any source that would tell me which 4 currency exchanges were listing the IQD at $1.49? If I am listing this in the wrong section or doing something improperly please forgive me ... it's just that I'm sure that it had to be listed in news somewhere. Can anyone direct me to that thread or just tell me which four exchanges? Yes, I understand that it was sometime back ... here's the post: On to the $1.49 Dinar RV rumor… So – what’s up with the $1.49 Iraqi Dinar RV? A couple nights ago, many of our phones began ringing – off the hook. Mine rang so much I eventually
  4. Doc31


    I don't see it on the schedule, although it does say "subject to change"
  5. Anybody think that the 10 day setback might be his inabiility to "meet the press" at this time? I understand there are all sorts of things that might ... ten days is adequate recovery time for a lot of injuries. Just a thought
  6. Please forgive my ignorance but I've seen people post this way several times and no one has clarified the point raised above ... 322 ... is that $3.22 or 322:1 (IQD/USD). Thanks for helping a newbie!
  7. Thanks ... I'm all for their two weeks of politics and then vote and go back to work ... but does anyone really have a feel for how long that they will take to count, authenticate, announce, rebut, challenge, recount, re-declare, and finally assemble? Excluding all of the outside pressures and incidents likely to take place during this period, of course!
  8. The only meeting that I know of that is going on is the UN press conference at noon EST ... here's that link. Maybe someone else has seen something on the IQD ... the UN meeting could possibly be on Chapt 7 but should not be the announcement (CBI, etc). I hope that it helps as I've not seen anything else all day.
  9. What follows is an email from our God-daughters' dad who is a contract firefighter stationed in Iraq. Nothing earth shattering but confirmation that news has filtered down to Iraqi citizens/merchants that the RV is coming and what they believe it will mean for them as well as the RV rate that they believe is coming. Again, only one man's opinion (a kiosk merchant) ... the firefighter is known to me and my wife (a first rate guy and firefighter) who holds dinar and has consistently increased his investment because according to him (in a previous email), "...I have seen the oil seeping out of th
  10. Anybody want to step out there and comment on that camouflage word "optimization" ... thanks elblondee ... and go "optimization" ... I mean RI/RV ... very high and very soon to us all
  11. I think that you might find that this is a good thing ... after all, they removed barriers and stepped one meter into Iraq ... the last time that they did something like this oil prices went up dramatically. With the inverse relationship of the dollar vs oil ... IMO it sets this up to be a prime opportunity FOR revaluation not to stall it. I agree that an incursion deep into Iraq with a number of heavily armed, motorized battalions would obviously be detrimental ... but this smells more like a ploy ... I mean, come on, ONE METER! It opens a window if not a door of opportunity without any re
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