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  1. Yes, Steve. Similar in concept but more sophisticated in terms of how to operate and set up with a different company that affords the end user more benefits than the BOY does. Not putting BOY down by any means but if you were comparing automobiles you could get a family sedan or a sports car. One just out-performs the other, that's all.
  2. I just took 15 minutes going into the profiles of everyone who wants info sent and almost everyone does not have their V Card set up. Therefore I cannot connect with you. Forgive me if I'm too dense to figure this out but I can't PM you or email you- BUT YOU CAN EMAIL ME. Here's how to do it exactly: 1. Click on my username at the top left of any of my posts. 2. Click on View Profile. 3. Choose the About Me Tab. 4. Scroll down to Contact Info. 5 Find V Card. Click on Download V Card. 6. Write me an email identifying yourself as being from the Dinar Forum (your username please) and let me kno
  3. For everyone telling me to get my PM set up- I guess you didn't read the earlier posts. I've tried 3 times without success. Goldinar cleared up the mystery and says unless I'm a VIP member it won't turn on so there's your answer. Ain't gonna work. Click on my username and download my email addy from the V card. Send me an email with what state you live in and then I'll send you info.
  4. Captspiffy, Apples and oranges here, my firiend. Investments are the vehicles that have the risk attached. This is not an investment and has no risk, only guaranteed growth with a 150 year track record of never failing to pay a dividend even through two world wars and the great depression. People are always naturally suspicious of things they haven't heard of. That's understandable but take the time to learn what it is before you go warning people away from something you have no idea about. This vehicle is not tied into the market and is simply a different way of using your money. I wish
  5. Thanks goldinar, very helpful. I hope others who want info think to come back here and fish out my email addy from the V card if they click on my username and go to my profile. It would be nice if I could email everyone at once with the same message but I'll do my best to accomodate all requests sent to my comcast addy but please everyone, let me know what state you are in.
  6. goldinar thank you 4 your previous instructions. I've carried them out but I'm still frustrated & uncertain whether it did anything. I saved the settings changes & allowed V card view but when I try to send a PM I get the following: "clarion, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: ...Need an activation link? Click here & don't forget it may end up in your spam folder!! " So I click for that activation code to be sent but it never comes & it's not in SPAM. I've been preparing something that everyone can access from an FTP s
  7. Ok, I just spent the last 15 minutes trying to figure out how to set up the IM feature and I haven't a clue how to do it although I did check a box saying I could receive email from other members. Here's what I suggest. Since there are so many more of you than me, how about everyone who wants more info send me an email address and I will prepare a fact sheet and send it out to all of you BCC and I won't share your addresses with anyone else or send you any SPAM. That way I will only have to send one time rather than 40+ individual emails. Please tell me what state you live in when you send yo
  8. Sorry everybody. Didn't mean to leave you hanging. I don't come here often. It took an email notice of all this activity to remind me. I don't have time at the moment but now that I know you have all been wondering I will make it a point to come back and try to figure our a way to address your curiousity later tonight or tomorrow. And no, it's not a scam, just a very clever way to multi-task your money. In fact, I was just thinking about how you can use it in conjunction with the RV, specifically if you were thinking of exchanging some D for gold instead of currency. Instead of a straigt acro
  9. Hello Barb, Please excuse me if I violated policy. I thought I was doing what Adam advised by posting here and in looking at some of the other Investments threads I thought I saw contact email addresses and even website links. (My link was only an informative youtube video). I looked around but I don't see how to PM you. Can you direct me? thanks, David
  10. Subject: How to be your own bank and reverse the flow of your money so it doesn't leave your control Today Adam sent out an email hinting at some investment opportunities he's looking into for Dinarvets members and he offered some advice about "not buying a car." I totally agree with him that buying a car in the traditional fashion (where you pay interest over time or cash outright where there's lost opportunity) is not a good choice. Purchased in this fashion a car is a depreciating asset and Adam was pointing out that acquiring appreciating assets is a better use of your money. HOWEVER~ What
  11. This is my first time here. I came because I wondered if I could confirm something I just saw on a currency converter site called MATAF. It's listing .0856 IQD to the USD. Oh, wait, my bad. That's .0856 to 100 USD... But that's still a lot different than those .00086etc that it's been reading every day for months and just changing very little by thousandth or so. Does this indicate something happening? is where I saw it.
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