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  1. where have u been that has been there probably long than you been a member of this site
  2. well it sure doesn't tell u the IQD is goin to RV
  3. Mt. Pleasant but live in kuwait
  4. i understand what ur sayin about june i thank that is when the oil company are supose to come in. not for sure but all i can tell people when they ask me when is the big day all i can say is were on day closer i been waitin for 2 1/2 years now i work over in iraq and kewait
  5. i put it on here becasue a one of my friends tryed puttin on yesterday and some keeped takin it off this is all he sent me and to find the section in the post u would have to go look it up urself
  6. Steps to Follow: 1) UNSC Resolution 1483 says the following: We all understand that Iraq has been under Chapter VII restrictions- which include disarmament of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, and depositing into the Development Fund for Iraq of proceeds from export sales of petroleum, petroleum products and natural gas and the arrangements referred to in paragraph 12 of resolution 1483 (2003). Analysis: We have seen that recent news articles from Russia, Iran and France asking for the release of these restrictions- right? The answer is yes. We have also seen the evidence that Cargo ships have been dropping off supplies for infrastructure purposes as well as many other purposes that go against the UN resolution. This tells me that the UN has already lifted these restrictions and that the UNSC has just been waiting for Iraq to come out and tell the world about the RV announcement (Action Plan). Believe me, the UN is not happy about having this. 2) We also recognize that in UNSC resolution (decree, declaration, or promise) 1905 says the following: Recognizing the significant role of the Development Fund for Iraq and the International Advisory and Monitoring Board (IAMB), and the provisions of paragraph 22 of resolution 1483 (2003) in helping the Government of Iraq to ensure that Iraq
  7. dud it cost to run this site to keep it on the internet to pay the server company it cost to make books and but them on the market 500 copes aint nothing compared to other book on the market i don't know why every one is complaining every one has to make a living weather it is here or at wal-mart to cost to do any thing now days. if u want to pay for it that is fine if not dont run the man that is helping every one out for free if they don't get in the VIP room.
  8. it make since but the have to pay back there loan from imf in 15 months from when they got the loan
  9. you know if they they dont like what is being put out why are they still here do the really think that CBI would really scew it self and it people
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