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  1. Great post we need to stop killing the messanger its all rumors till it happens!
  2. Thursday, May 13th 2010 4:03 PM Baghdad, May 13 (AKnews) – A number of Iraqi politicians confirmed on Thursday that the committee formed to choose the new Prime Minister is about to hold its first meeting during the next few days, as it will allocate the first week of its work to determine the mechanism of choosing, and the second week to determine the candidate who will be selected by consensus or by voting, but the winner in the first round should get 100% of the votes, and if the candidate couldn't collect that a percentage of votes he will be diverted to a second round after a week and he is required to obtain 80% of the votes. “We will discuss the mechanisms among the National Coalition, the State of Law and the other lists, in order to find the candidate who suit the post of Prime Minister”, the president of the Supreme Islamic Council Ammar Al-Hakim said. "The committee will start its work in two phases, the first one is to develop the mechanisms that determine the prime ministerial candidate and the second is to determine the names of the candidates, and then voting for a candidate starts either by consensus or by voting and if the candidate obtained the full votes of the Committee its work will be done as they will decide on naming the next Prime Minister and if the candidate couldn't gain that number, there will be a new nomination”, Hakim said. “The task of choosing the PM will be agreed upon between both coalitions and the other lists”, the leader of Sadrist movement, Qusay al-Suhail said. "Both coalitions and other lists have to nominate a candidate for the presidency of the new government, whether he is from these coalitions or other lists, on the condition that the candidate is agreed upon; both coalitions have allied because they are the basic sponsors for the political process, and that this alliance is just a bid to break the deadlock, after politicians of the two coalitions noticed that each party is sticking to his opinion”, al-Suhail added. "Every list has the right to present its candidates, whether it was one or more, State of Law coalition is one of the first lists that submitted their nominee, Nuri Al-Maliki… everything in this time and with such an operation is subject to dialogue”, leader in State of Law Ali al-Adeeb added. The committee formed to choose the next Prime Minister is composed of seven members of the National Coalition and sevenl from the State of Law, and it will begin its work during the next few days. Sa/ae (AKnews)
  3. [ I also thought about payback, as well. If they pulled a crappy thing like that, I think the world would have a hard time forgiving them. Still this is a Dog-eat-dog world! I hope it doesn't happen and I hope we all get some monetary relief! Thanks for your posts and thanks for stimulating the thought processess! Well they are the new kid on the block do they really want to upset anyone or piss a super power off? And yes its a dog eat dog world, we have given them as much as they could ever ask for; money, debt forgiveness and most important the live of our young guys and gals over the for them to have a better life.
  4. I dont think this will be any issue honestly, I guess at worst if they had an rv there but not here ( i cant see this happening) or did not do anything (also dont see this happening) I would say find someone in the middle east that could exchange it for you or sell it to ali.
  5. I like this the fact would be equal to getting a sledgehammer in the face! Now think of it this what happened when you were a kid and just hitting high school and you freshmen year and decided to stand up to that senior big dawg and take a swing. It was a first omg I just did that but what soon follows after the shock wears off??? Well thats what would happen to Iraq if they decided to screw over the rest over the world they will have destroyed all confidence in what they have worked towards. And guess what no more aid money no more support and if at worst we will be back to do what we have done once before, kinda of sad to say but its the truth. I believe this is going to be done one time and thats it they dont want the world to come down on them for a act of greed,because we all have bailed them out of the last few years be it a war or aid or forgiving debts.
  6. Honestly I dont think they care, because first of all guess what they will be wealthy again. Second we or the US and other countries will slowly give it all back for that black stuff under their feet when we are paying 100 a barrel and it cost them 1.25 a barrell to produce, now who should really be upset.
  7. Ok mongo lets look at the lop you way tell me, how this makes sense. If iraq has lets say 17 trillion dollars in circulation that 17,000,000,000,000. Now just cut out 3-000's your going to tell me that iraq only has 17 billion dinars then. Name me one country that would do this to themselves. And if they did this for some reason we know they have alone in NY bank atleast 550 billion us dollars from the oil sales in the past few years, with just that alone they would equal out to each dinar worth 32.35 usd per dinar now does this sound very likely???? Even if Iraq had 25 trillion and did the lop after doing simple math from the ny bank each dinar would be valued at 22.00.
  8. Irbil talks devoted a broad political front and the formation of a national partnership Ur News / Ghalib Zenjil It seems that the leaders of the parliamentary lists raced to form a new government, with the election results were not announced. Here we see Dr. Adel Abdul-Mahdi reach Irbil and meet the two leaders Kurdish there, and what is only the hours of the arrival of Abdul-Mahdi, even followed by the president of a coalition of Iraq Dr. Ayad Allawi to join Balthelatp and issued after a meeting statement gave a picture of the trading leaders in their meetings, and between what he referred to The statement is to form a new government as soon as possible, to be a government of national unity as described by Mr. Abdul-Mahdi. It also seems that the President of the Iraqi Accordance list (in Baghdad) Mr. Iyad al-Samarrai, to impose himself as a guest Barzani in Salah al-Din in Irbil. But what does this mean an expanded meeting in Arbil, at this particular time? Question poses itself urgently .. Says a source familiar with that meeting in Arbil put forward their views in the form of the new government, and they are determined on the establishment, and are bent, although they deny it, not to the participation of Mr. Maliki. But they do not mind in the event by bringing in the al-Maliki said on condition of presiding over it. According to our political observer that the meeting of Irbil came to be resolved is to isolate a list of Mr. Maliki's national unity government to be doing, and rejected by the outgoing prime minister, partly because of a national unity government is no longer valid in the next four years, stressing the need to replace the government of the political majority to avoid seizing ethnic and sectarianism. Political watchers see in the meetings of Arbil, a serious start to form a government of the forces that have previous experience of partnership and alliance-type relations edges linking historic and perhaps agree on a single goal is to eliminate al-Maliki personally preside over a government midwife. A source close to the Iraqi List, said the talks in Salah al-Din had been outlined by the Government of the first homogeneous, the Government of national partnership already, with an emphasis on keeping Jalal Talabani president of Iraq for the next four years and give him some authority. The source added that the leaders of the Kurdistan National Coalition and Iraqi forces have agreed to take over one of the characters presidency of the Iraqi National Coalition of the new political front, to be assigned to d. Iyad Allawi's new government or anyone else proposed is among the leaders of Iraq. In short, Irbil meetings were a first step towards the development plans form the next government after the announcement of results of parliamentary elections. And will be completed shortly thereafter.
  9. Egypt and Jordan to establish a free trade zone between the two countries, to be joined by Iraq at a later stage, to become a free trade zone three in order to facilitate access for goods and Egyptian goods to the Iraqi market, especially since Iraq is of great importance to Jordan and Egypt. Said Rachid Mohamed Rachid and Minister of Trade and Industry, told him the seventh day today in the Egyptian ", said he discussed with the Prime Minister of Jordan Create a storage area for items of the Egyptian border, the Jordanian-Iraqi, to move overland to Iraq and some Gulf states, which increases the efficiency of transport terms of access speed and reduce cost. As pointed out during his visit to Jordan, which runs over 3 days to discuss trade between the two countries, it had been agreed to form a working Egyptian - Jordanian includes representatives from the ministries of trade and industry, transport and finance, in addition to a group of businessmen from both countries to participate in the conceptualization procedures for implementing a free trade zone three Rashid said that his talks with Minister of Trade and Industry Jordanian discussed ways to accelerate the implementation of the customs union between the two countries, as well as liberalization of trade in services, which provides greater opportunities to increase bilateral trade and joint investments between the two countries, and the exploitation of a cumulation of origin in establishing joint ventures and export their products to the EU countries to take advantage the participation of both Egypt and Jordan in the agreements of Agadir and the European Partnership - Mediterranean, pointing out that he was agreed to exchange experiences and cooperation in the development of specialized industrial zones. As Rashid said that he agreed with the Jordanian Minister of Transport to form a working joint Egyptian-Jordanian be responsible explore the creation of an integrated transportation system between the two countries, serve the Arab region and contribute to make the most of the Agadir Agreement, and the number of transport projects required to service the expected expansion in trade volume interfaces in the coming period and put it in partnership between the private sector and government, with the commitment of both Governments to pump the necessary financial resources for the success of new infrastructure and encourage investors to participate in the investment in these projects, noting that it was agreed to begin immediate preparation of feasibility studies Detailed Balmusharat previous .
  10. Revealed the Iraqi List, led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, the list is carrying three axes in the agenda when meeting with Allawi, leader of the "state of law," Nuri al-Maliki. His official spokesman for the "Iraqi" Haider Mulla that the list, carrying three axes in the agenda when they meet with President al-Maliki. The three axes "is to respect the elections, stressing that the next phase must be certified by a national government partnership and inclusive, and to accelerate the process of forming the government to build the state and its institutions in a professional and to address the poor conditions experienced by the Iraqi people." Responsibility for the postponement In turn, took command in the "Iraqi" Osama Nujaifi "pressure from political parties" behind the postponement of the meeting, which was supposed to be the day before yesterday, denying reports that circulated about a possibility of raising the issue of power sharing between the "Iraqi" and "the rule of law", particularly office the presidency and prime minister, stressed that "there is no such thing." And there were signs of the failure of such a meeting since last Monday, when Mr Maliki said the new coalition (a coalition of law and the Iraqi National Coalition) will be the name on the Prime Minister, and "that we consider to be a decisive issue." He said the Kurdistan Alliance leader Mahmoud Othman said that the "reasons for the failure of this meeting are known, and we expect, as Allawi and Maliki wanted the post of prime minister will not soften it." While he noted author and leader of the "Iraqi" good upside, which is one of the owners an idea to meet with Maliki, Allawi that "Allawi's list is Mldogp, as well as a list of al-Maliki, that the winners in this election are the losers." Contribute a better translation
  11. Ok here is were i think you are getting lost, the new 25 dinar and 25,000 dinar note will have the same buying power in iraq. But the 25,000 is still worth 25,000 dinar and if exchange before a given time 60-90 days you will recieve 25,000- 1 dinar notes after the time period (60-90 day) 25,000 note will only recieve 25-1 dinar notes. Its any rv because you will recieve (at 1-1 rate) 25,000- $1 usd bills or 250-$100 usd bills (its still equal to 25,000 usd's) but after a turn in period has ended the note will only be worth $25 usd. This whole process is to encourage the return of the large face bills in and outside the country of iraq.It is also aimed at getting the people of iraq to trust and use the banking system
  12. Im going say first of I did not write all this I did add some and delete some information. So here we go Ok, in the interest of trying to figure out what is going onwith the IQD investment, all the talk of removing 000s and redenomination bythe end of 2010. First, the term LOP is redenominated. Redenomination is defined as : The process whereby a country's currency is recalibrated dueto significant inflation and currency devaluation. To understand this definition better, we need to know thedefinition of devaluation, so devaluation is defined as: A deliberate downward adjustment to a country'sofficial exchange rate relative to other currencies. I think we can ALL agree that the IQD has been devalued. So with the above definitionsin mind, here we go. The article that brought this topic to the forefront of ourdiscussions over the past couple of weeks stated that, the CBI has announcedtheir plans to redenominate the Iraqi Dinar to ease cash transactions. By the end of 2010, they intend to drop three zeros from the nominal value of banknotes. It should be noted that the actual value of the dinar will remainunchanged. That means that 1,000 IQD (pre-redenomination) and 1 dinar(post-redenomination) will both be worth the same amount in US Dollars. Ok, to understand this section a little better, lets look atthe “nominal value”, this is defined as: The stated value of an issued security that remains fixed,as opposed to its market value, whichfluctuates. If we look at a currency as a issued security, which it is,the nominal value is the “face value” of the currency, ie $1.00 today = $1.00 tomorrow, the market value can change meaning that you may be able to buy more or less with $1.00 on any givenday, however the face value is still $1.00. So what they are intending to do is change the “face value”without removing the “actual, or market” value of the IQD. So if you get paid 1000 IQD today, and it isworth 0.86 cents USD, then when the “face value” is changed, and you get paid 1dinar, you still make 0.86 USD. So, how does this apply to the revaluation that we are all waiting for? The CBI has stated also, “by the end of 2010, new banknotes will be fully introduced while the current banknotes will be gradually removed fromcirculation ( the small notes and the large notes). Both (current and new) denominations will be legal tender in Iraq until the current banknotes are completely withdrawn over a period of time. Economic analyst Hilal al-Tahhan was quoted as saying “the bank’s move is overdue.” He said he expects the currency change to go smoothly because of the decision to allow both the current and new smaller banknotes to coexist during an extended exchange period, leading to less turbulence in the economy.” Based on the information , we know that they intend the “actual value” to remain the same after the “face value” is altered. We see that for a period of time, they intend to allow both the “current”, or “unaltered” currency to be useable, or traded at the same time as the “newer lower faced” currency. So the conclusion that is drawn here, is that for a time, presumably until the end of this year, the old currency which wehave, will be redeemable for the “face value”, ie 25,000 Dinar note will behonored as 25,000K. After the removal,or the expiration of the coexistence period, (presumablely 60-90 days) the old banknotes will no longerbe honored for their “face value”, but for the new value of 25 Dinars. This allows both we as investors, and the Iraqi’s themselves to transition into the redenomination without any up heavle by those who do not understand what the actual value of their currency is.
  13. Iraqi government welcomes Framework Agreement with UN Baghdad, May 12 (Aknews) - The outgoing Iraqi government welcomed the Framework Agreement signed with the United Nations in the areas of economy and rebuilding its infrastructure that will contribute to the recovery of the economic situation in the country. "The agreement done with the United Nations insists on activating the economic role of the international system that would contribute in the recovery of the economic situation that will push Iraq to get rid of the restrictions imposed on it by Chapter 7," the economic adviser of the Cabinet’s advisers committee, Salam al-Quraishi has said today. "There is a real problem facing the Iraqi economy, the international community is still apprehensive of dealing with it due to Chapter 7." "If the agreement was activated, the United Nations will play a prominent role in the progress of infrastructure and economic growth in Iraq", he added. The outgoing Iraqi government signed with the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq, “UNAMI,” an agreement by virtue of which the UNAMI contributes in building service sectors and improves the environmental situation and protection of human rights, as well as promoting good governance and economic growth. The deputy special representative of the UN Secretary-General Christina MacNab said in news conference that she "will work to develop the Iraqi economy through the development of practical mechanisms for the advancement of economic situation in the country." Rn/ae AKnews
  14. willie

    RV / RI / RD

    Please do some reading and searching here before posting this. Your source has no credit is an old article and been debunked and proven wrong
  15. Ill back that maybe we should have a perment post saying if you have a question about L O P read this ere do not post in news section
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