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  1. BB code has gone the way of the dinosaur unfortunately... the current WYSIWYG editor should do the same thing - if there are any specific font/functions you want added, I can probably do it. Let me know
  2. My support team doesn't have an answer for the gray dots yet... are these dots showing up on any other sites?
  3. Maybe, maybe not - I still appreciate you taking the time to give feedback and make the effort.
  4. Aghhhh that yellow is horrible Thanks for letting me know, that will change.
  5. This one I don't understand - I checked on my ipad in safari and chrome and everything looks fine. More info - screenshot perhaps, please?
  6. It looks like the microsoft Edge problem has been fixed. Can anyone else confirm?
  7. I was doing some research on it... looks like you're right. I have to install an inferior product, and jump through hoops, because microsoft... well, because "microsoft" is explanation enough. I'm on it. Everyone, it's important to know that if you are using Edge, you're using a browser that's been forced upon you not for your own good, but because it's in Microsoft's interests. Chrome is the better browser. Not only for security, but basically for everything.
  8. I think all of these reports are coming from people using Microsoft Edge. What operating system are you using? XP, 10, ?
  9. Also what kind of device or computer please. Any info you can provide will help.
  10. I'm unable to duplicate this - is it still happening for anyone?
  11. Kazzammie is on a tear for sure! He just continues to impress SHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
  12. Good morning good morning! Lots of changes around here, not the least of which is the blindingly bright color theme... sorry about that, everyone! It's driving me slightly nuts as well, but it's not at the top of the priority list (yet). If you see any (other) issues with the new and improved website, please report them here. What's more important is "the rest of the story" - the site has undergone some major security changes, improvements of usability, and there are some hidden features that are going to remain hidden for the time being. The way things are going with Iraq, the "time being" may not be long at all. Did you catch last week's update? No, not my portion of it... I mean the follow up comments. Our man Thugs brought some articles into the conversation that focus on HCL (article 140/HCL/etc), and this is undeniably exciting! Like this: And this: And this: and IT KEEPS GOING!!!!!! (thanks, @DinarThug, for basically writing my update for me this week! ) The Budget, Article 140, HCL - those are all tied together, and it's basically ALL we need for Iraq to increase their value. It just keeps chugging along: Seriously! IT DOES NOT GET MUCH BETTER!!!! OIL - doing what we like. And a final couple link mentions - this and this are related. Reading the text, you might think "oh man, they are talking 2021 😢 "... but here's the deal: Anything that is addressed in the coming meetings that will affect the 2021 Budget in a major way, especially if it's HCL, will not be able to "hide" until 2021. They have to be ready to raise the exchange rate before they announce any major agreements on HCL, Article 140, or anything else closely related. If they don't raise the rate soon enough, there would be a massive speculative run on the currency, which would dilute it, and kill their opportunity. They aren't going to do that. Not because we are waiting for them, but because they wouldn't benefit from it. Our day is coming! Have a fantastic day, everyone! I'm heading back into the galley to continue unkinking the irons on these site changes. I'll be in touch soon.
  13. Wooot! Nice win up there! Me: 12 55 57 59 68 PB 03 Staff: 05 15 35 61 66 PB 05
  14. To ease everyone's concerns about the colors - I completely understand about the brightness. Making an easy option to switch to a darker theme is high on the list.
  15. I'm monitoring this thread, FYI - taking notes and forwarding to the appropriate places
  16. .. which always means undiscovered problems and issues. I fully expect 20% of our users to suddenly forget their passwords and their significant other's birthdays. Due to the new look on the site. It happens Please use this thread to report issues. I can't help with the birthdays. Sorry! P.S. In all seriousness, the "look" of the site is just the tip of the iceberg. What really happened behind the scenes is a complete overhaul of the security and functionality of certain things that are important for the next stage of changes. Some of you will see them, some of you won't. Those in VIP will understand soon.
  17. Undeniable. Bring it on!!! Hey - sorry I missed this earlier. Great first post! I generally look at WTI just as reference / a benchmark. You are correct, Iraq can base their figures and strategy and future on anything they want, even a new IPO "Iraqi Premium Oil", or anything they want. Somebody should ask Kazzammi if he has a copy of one of Bill Gates favorites - "How to Lie With Statistics". This is a fiat game, where everything is based on nothing more than arbitrary values, and Iraq knows this. When they want to move the value up, they will do so based on whatever market/stats/reasoning they want... and if it's preceded by a solid HCL move, they are not going to have a hard time selling it. Not hard, at all. Can. Not. Wait. It is coming.
  18. I'll check it out later For future reference: Gives you the exact link
  19. I didn't even think about that... it was just the first thing that I thought when I read Thug's post, "OhHHHHH yeahhhh!!!!!!" Fun fact, it was actually flavor-aide... not kool aid.
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