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  1. Take the quiz and you’ll get a discount and a rocker badge
  2. that’s what I’m talking about. Bring it on
  3. Looks like the “quiz” block is at the bottom of the page on mobile devices.
  4. My pleasure! Can everyone see the new "block" on the right side? May need to scroll up to see it...
  5. Red herrings... False flags... Chicken littles, running around yelling about the sky falling. You know what I'm seeing? The home stretch. Hang tight, friends... ... this is going to be a different kind of weekly Dinar update. I fully expect to see mass hysteria and a slew of incoming support tickets in my inbox, because we are approaching the most critical and crucial time in history for the Iraqi Dinar. When this happens, my staff is going to be on full red alert crunch time game on mode. I strongly advise anyone who's even considered getting into VIP (the best place you can be as a dinar holder).... you should do it now. I'm not kidding, not even a little bit. This recent string of "concerning news" is the best thing I've seen in a long time! This is a prime example of what we expect to see immediately before the RV. They want as much dinar sold back to them as possible. I'm not suggesting anyone "buy on bad news" - but I certainly won't be bailing right now! This is the make or break time for Iraq - for better, or worse, we should have closure soon. I think we are headed in a great direction. Go Iraq... Go Dinar... GO RVVVV!!!!!! Get in the weekly Powerball Pool here. And grab yourself a cool new badge by helping me test this new feature... you should see a new "Block" on the website, on the right hand side. There's also a surprise at the end of the 2-part "Quiz". Have a fantastic day, friends! - Adam P.S. Looks like the “quiz” block is at the bottom of the page on mobile devices.
  6. Good morning everyone! Today looks to be a long but exciting day in my world, and a good part of it IS because of Iraq. Some housekeeping real quick - I'll be sending out an email on this, because quite a few people are still affected by a recent server glitch that made the site unavailable to people. If you were unfortunate enough to visit during that short period of time, your computer has some stored cookies that will still prevent you from viewing the site correctly. There is also an issue with older versions of Internet Explorer and Edge, and those I'm not confident will ever be fixed. Anyhow - the site access issues can be fixed by doing two things. 1. If you're not already using Google Chrome as your browser, now is a great time to start. Get it here. 2. If you are using Google Chrome, you'll need to clear your cookies and cache for DinarVets. I know, it's a pain... sorry. The issue will eventually resolve itself, but if you want to speed it up just go here (or here for Microsoft browsers). Special message for VIP members - as long as you have a good, working email on file here, you aren't in danger of missing any of my messages. The Post RV (RV Announcement) messages and instructions will come to your email, and you'll be directed to a different website that was/is not affected by this annoying situation. One last thing - our News section is getting a little disorganized. To our news posters - at one time we were pretty diligent with making sure we didn't post duplicates, but that seems to be happening a bit more often. Let's resume the vigil - check for duplicates before you post, and be sure to use the "Tags" function to make things easy for the readers. Thank you ALL for your tireless work and incredible contributions! Ok, back to the Dinar! (For those of you able to access this chat ) Parliament is in session, although with the exception of this mention of "White Papers" it would appear that nothing spectacular is happening. I'm not reading anything into the "White Papers" - I'm sure the Gurus will, but that's not what you come to DinarVets for. They aren't going to announce "hi we plan to raise the rate next week lolz" - that's just not the way this works. They would lose the chance to capitalize on the RV, and they simply aren't going to do that. So, what IS encouraging? Jump right to page 3 of this thread, for starters. Our tireless newshound @yota691 started the thread earlier this month with the bold title "There is no alternative for Kurdistan but an agreement with Baghdad" - and that is 100% truth. This boils all the way into the HCL (Hydro Carbon Law) which is a necessary component for the RV. One of the most common questions on the HCL is whether or not it needs/must be done before the RV. The answer is it doesn't matter if it's done before, during, or after raising the value of the Dinar - but it must happen really really close to the same time. Either immediately (minutes/hours, not days or weeks) before, during, or after. Minutes or hours... not days or weeks. That is key. The HCL is, in layman's terms, a profit sharing agreement between the Kurds and Baghdad - two major portions of Iraq. Without a profit sharing agreement, they won't raise the value. The profit, of course, comes from this right here: And aside from that crazy dip that nobody would have believed could ever happen earlier this year, that chart looks solid and promising. I can't wrap this up without a shout out to this thread: And of course, the Weekly Powerball Pool! I'll get that email out a little later today - be well, everyone! Go HCL - Go Dinar - GO RRRVVV!!!!!!
  7. Sorry everyone - I'll be sending an email out to everyone regarding the accessibility issue. There was a server glitch - it was temporary, but anyone who visited during that time has some bad cookies on their computer. Nothing to worry about, it's not harmful - just annoying. The fix is simple - delete your browser cache and cookies. Unfortunately, that's going to sign you out of this and other websites, which might be annoying. You can limit it to specific websites by following the instructions here (and here if you are using microsoft browser... whyyyyyyy would anyone do that?! Please stop.) The alternative is to simply wait. It will resolve itself on it's own. Eventually. Special message for VIP members - as long as you have a good, working email on file here, you aren't in danger of missing any of my messages. The Post RV (RV Announcement) messages and instructions will come to your email, and you'll be directed to a different website that was/is not affected by this annoying situation.
  8. Could be but it's not obvious on my end, I was waiting for Pepp to chime in. Her response makes me think they changed a few things, including the <source> option for all but admin. I'll submit it and see what they say Oy vey
  9. Are you using a different browser on your phone?
  10. @Markinsa I'm baffled about the source code button, I can't even find it in the settings yet it's here on my editor. I'll look into it. What browser are you using? phone, tablet, laptop? There are different options set for different browsers/devices, you should be able to see the size/color options if you are on your desktop computer: Desktop editor: Tablet browser: Phone browser:
  11. There was a significant patch that was applied just a few hours ago, hopefully it did the trick for most people... standing by for confirmation from you (the members).
  12. This. ☝️ "Technically" it could make a difference, but realistically as long as your notes are in good condition I don't think it's a concern. Apparently... yes. Yes, you did.
  13. Man... WHAT A WEEK. There was a strong chance I was going to be able to share a sneak preview of some of our Post-RV options, but (I know some of you noticed) the updated application had some glitches at the last minute and the site went down briefly last night, and today, and probably again tomorrow. Nothing to worry about, these are "bonus" improvements that don't affect the functionality or benefits of VIP or any other part of the site. FYI - I'm not putting this work into these things for no reason! I'm hearing some very encouraging news and getting all the "right" kinds of communication from my people. Unfortunately, the bugs that showed up in these updates have kept me busy and I can't share just yet. With that said, I'll try not to break too much more before I can get my projects finished. HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!
  14. What a day - I was up at 3:45 this morning preparing for meetings, left the house by 6AM, and my last appointment of the day ended up going over by about THREE hours but WOW it was a productive day! I'm exhausted, so my update is going to have to wait until tomorrow. Thank you all for being awesome @Pitcher whyyyyyy would anyone put their puppy on the laptop You calm down over there.
  15. GOOD DAY ALL! Actual update delayed until later or tomorrow. Don't miss your chance to get in the DV Powerball Pool here. If you notice anything goofy going on with the site... I'm just breaking things upgrading features, nothing to worry about. The site might go offline for a few minutes a few times over the next couple days. DON'T PANIC. We are running on multiple redundancies here. All RV texts can still go out at a moment's notice. All VIP benefits are still in place, safe and secure. Should we have an RV announcement while I'm in the middle of breaking things upgrading features (I don't know why autocorrect keeps doing that to me ), an email will go out (it takes about 5 minutes to send the RV message to all 50,000+ members) with the information you need. I'll be back - GO RRRVVVVVV!!!!!
  16. Glad you're getting the emails.
  17. I see you are using an email here that isn't recommended. Did you get a notification about this reply? gmail is the preferred email provider, FYI.
  18. And once you have "a" passport, and you realize how important and useful it is... it doesn't take much thought to determine that a second passport would also be useful.
  19. Yes It's my opinion that we will see an increase in the value of the Dinar first.
  20. 🤡 You could have picked a more appropriate screen name
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