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  1. This has been posted's the Mid-Market rate...not the regular 1170 everyone is used to seeing. sorry it's just a mid market rate...nothing to go crazy over.
  2. Why don't people read allllll the posts before replying? The answer is in the posts but everyone keeps asking the same question! Mid-Market Rate!!
  3. Mid-Market Rate!!! Everyone needs to read all the posts!! on the currency converter right above it it says it gives mid market rates and there's a little number 1 next to it....scroll down below the converter and it will explain what it means.
  4. Someone else posted this from this site....It's the mid-market rate, not the regular rate....everything's still the same, nothing new.
  5. Thats the mid-market's the midpoint between the buy rate and the sell rate...double it and thats the real rate, still around 1170...sorry.
  6. If you're refering to the prediction sonny made, it's 26 July, not June, so we still got some time.
  7. Pay off student loans, buy a house for my fiancee and I, buy some nice new cars, give some to our families, and a kick a$$ home theater and sound system!
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