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  1. This is how idolatry and false deity worship ends.... Allah can't even direct his own people to take care of their own. The world is seeing Islam for what it really is through this Iraq "experiment", a cruel and inhumane people who selfishly impose themselves on the world with no honor. No wonder the Babylonian Empire fell..... I'm still trying to figure out what they have to be proud of. Let's remember all that we have to be thankful for as we are with family this year and the grace and peace given to us as a free gift from the one true God Yahwe elohim!!! Thank you almighty God for your n
  2. Saturday, Nov 20, 2010 Analysts say global uncertainties will reflect in this week’s trading Abu Dhabi Resuming trade after the Eid holidays, regional markets are expected to move sideways and take their direction from the developments on global fin-ancial markets in the week ahead, market analysts told Gulf News yesterday. “The markets are expected to go sideways. The prices in these markets reflect the global uncertainties and have factored in the negative news. People will wait for news...the markets need a driver,” said Amro Diab, head of GCC institutional sales at EFG-Hermes. “The mar
  3. Marrakech, Morocco, 25 October 2010 - The Arab World Competitiveness Review 2010 finds that the global economic crisis has further widened the competitiveness gap between the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the rest of the Arab world region. The review, published ahead of the 2010 World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa, sees Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait outperforming other economies at a similar level of development in terms of competitiveness. In the overall ranking of 139 economies, they place 17th, 21st and 35th. United Arab Emirates is the only eco
  4. 22 November 2010 TEHRAN - Iranian Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi says that power is shifting from the West to the East. Safavi, who is the former commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, made the remarks at a ceremony held in Tehran on Sunday to commemorate Basij Week, which started on November 20. "I clearly say that power is moving from the West of the world to the East of the world and in the current century, global power will be concentrated in the East of the world," Safavi stated. Elsewhere in his remarks, he said, "The countries that are strong in both hard and soft wa
  5. After hearing about the Harvard meetings (conference) sponsored by the Harvard Arab Alumni and MENA afiliates i started looking at what else may be going on and ran across a few articles..... some old and some new but definately suggests that there is way more going on with the world powers and ME powers. Check this out, just some food for thought. Dubai - 18th May 2010: With its latest deal, MerchantBridgeMerchantBridgeMerchantBridge and Co MerchantBridge Region-wide | Financial Services News | Profile | Officers , a direct investment and private equity company focused on Middle
  6. Well, since you've been warned to stop being a "chicken plucker turd head", either contribute with some kind of educated/ speculative info to back your BS or take a hike sucka......
  7. Syd 18:46 GMT November 16, 2010 DJ Fed's Bullard: Future Of Fed QE Program Depends On Economy - Bloomberg Radio: Reply Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard said the amount of bonds the central bank will buy depends on how the economy performs. Everyone seems to be waiting and watching right now........
  8. nyc ws 17:59 GMT November 16, 2010 jpy : Reply stocks are reacting to the forex (and bond) moves and not the other way
  9. Iraq Economists call for financial transparency law to be passed in 2011 with the balance ...  04/11/2010 Economists call for financial transparency law passed in 2011 with the balance Baghdad, Economists called the Iraqi government to pass a law of financial transparency with the file offset 2011 in order to reduce the manipulation of public money. And said an economic expert Mikdadi Fatima Ali told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the Iraqi Finance Ministry by the provision of the law of financial transparency with the budget in 2011 to the Iraqi parliament to study it and then passe
  10. 1.00 US Dollar = 1,167.80 Iraqi Dinars 1 USD = 1167.8 IQD  1 IQD = 0.0009 USD Please note OzForex does not offer transfers from US Dollar to Iraqi Dinar. Mid Market Rates¹ Last Updated: 03/11/2010 @ 02:45 (Syd)
  11. For months now, if you go to OZ FOREX and convert IQD to USD it has shown 1111.1 but if you convert from USD to IQD it has shown 1169 or close to that number. Switch it around and try the conversion and see what happens.
  12. The thing is, I only asked that you back up your info. I have read many of your posts in the past and you come across very unwilling to be questioned. So I questioned you this time and we all saw your response. It just seems like two and two don't add up to four with you yet you scold people for questioning you. In this forum setting that just doesn't seem to fit. I have been questioned and even bashed for mere observations surrounding this speculative investment but have taken it just like everyone else.
  13. If I say it is is fact....if it is speculation then I say so....and as I said....this is fact. How arrogant can you be.... Spoken like a true Iraqi Banker???
  14. That is not speculation...that is not a rumor...that is 100% historical FACT. Any links or articles to back that up? I think at this point we are all looking for all statements to be back up with proof, too many inconsistencies from common screen names.... Thank you Viper for all you do brother!!!!
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