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  1. What is this guy smoking? While I'm definately on the positive side of seeing an RV shortly, nothing this guy says makes even the slightest amount of sense, and I cant believe that anyone would take him seriously....he's probably laughing at our expense.
  2. Interesting reading, not very encouraging IMO. Thoughts?
  3. Several people have suggested that they have been testing their site for the past two weeks. They have been getting these frequent glitches. Just food for thought, if you took the current rate of 1170 and divided by 865.80 you would get .74 cents. I hope thats wrong but just a theory.
  4. Wow, this could be it folks, I sure hope so, he's definately right that its the same good words from a lot of different directions, its gotta be close!
  5. DHT31

    Cashin In

    it's likely that when it RV's we will have a rate that encourages us to cash a significant portion of our investment in. I know that Ali, from will be offering services to allow exchange, and will charge customers $150 per million exchanged. His website gives more detailed instruction, or you can search for it on this site. Whatever the intial rate, it is widely believed that rate will float for a bit, and then climb over the next few years, so its best to find a way to keep some in IQD. If they indeed recall all of the large notes, the challenge will be to find which financial
  6. Hey Everyone, I have heard that we should have a receipt for the purchase of our dinar to prove we have held it for at least 1 yr, to escape short term capital gains tax, and take the lesser hit with the long term CG tax bracket. But our intial purchase was as part of a group 9 mos ago and we have no receipt for it. Since then we have bought in increments and have some receipts with varying dates. What type of receipt should be acceptable? What is the census from my fellow dinarvets? (i know i need to consult with an actual tax atty on this, due to the nature of my question, but I am just putt
  7. i would cash in only what you need initially then put the rest in a foreign currency acct as the value of the dinar is surely going to continue to go up over the next few years. It would stink to miss out on additional gains. Thats our plan! BTW, which bank do you use?
  8. and now you have 10, and finally so do I
  9. i have heard that the intial rate may be lower and then go up, but that is right in line with the definition of speculation
  10. what makes you think this when everything seems to indicate otherwise?
  11. you need 10 posts and 5 days as an active member to access the chat logs
  12. Jobless, of course! Managing our new found wealth will be a much more enjoyable job than what I do now
  13. DHT31


    I hope you are right!
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