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  1. Am I correct that the only fact that came from the 26th prediction turned out to be fiction? I thought it was an absolute fact, fact, fact that this would be done by the 26th by the powers that be on this site? I believe he got all upset and said he was leaving the site because people questioned his info. Well today id the 28th!!! Guess the facts were incorrect..
  2. Also Police Officer, oldest scam going! Nigerian scam of sorts. DO NOT call those numbers or give your info, you will not like the phone bill you recieve....
  3. Can we get a poll to ban Obama in America???????
  4. This place is going down hill fast!!!! Adam is AWOL and all the mods are leaving..
  5. I would vote for Sarah the little girl down the street before I would vote Obama! I mean really, how much worse can she do???
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