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  1. I can't believe that these guys really think that Iraq cares about or has anything to do with "testing teller screens". These guys are just bonkers.
  2. I'm friends with someone who used to speak with Okie on the phone regularly. I won't go into detail, but basically it was related to me that Okie is actually not right in the head. Senile would be the best term I think.
  3. I think Umbertino was just sharing an article.
  4. All I have to say is, FREE BANANAS!
  5. I don't know that this means they aren't taking some out of circulation. The process is not transparent and they could do whatever they wanted with the currency at that point. It could go into their coffers or be redistributed into circulation. The original article on is no longer available. Someone had posted the link to it two years ago on DV, and I had to do some sleuthing to dig this up again. I would sticky it, but I'm not sure this is the right topic area to do so. Maybe it should be moved somewhere else and stickied.
  6. We were having some friendly discussion in chat today about the Foreign Currency Auctions, and I was trying to cite an article that is no longer available online from its original source, so I wanted to post it in its entirety here as it explains a great deal about how the auctions were designed and how they work.
  7. I don't... I had to turn down the gig as I had no time to do it. I could probably find out though.
  8. Technically, Ali doesn't own the bank... His brother does. Also, I can attest to this not being BS. Ali called me several weeks ago and asked me to help him finish his website because they were trying to get it launched in time for the bank opening or something.
  9. Heh, I work for the ACLJ and when I saw the topic of this thread I guessed what it would be about. Too funny. The author of this article (David French) is a cool guy. Has an awesome replica of one of the swords from LOTR in his office.
  10. The daily currency auctions are a FOREIGN currency auction. They sell USD they receive from selling oil and buy up IQD from banks as a way to control the exchange rate of the IQD.
  11. It's actually pretty handy if you want to keep tabs on the dinar world from your iPhone. I developed it though, so I'm probably a little biased. Adam and I were talking about doing an iPhone app a while back, but nothing ever came of it. :-\
  12. I'm on day 18 personally... Down 23lbs.
  13. Doesn't make a dime from? What? Don't think anyone's ever said that. He has ads on his site. So does Adam. Ads = making a dime.
  14. Nothing wrong indeed. It pisses me off that people get up in arms about someone making a dollar providing a service. Pageviews = revenue, plain and simple. People can choose whether or not to read an article, and those who are looking for the latest gossip from the guru's are going to find it regardless. I don't fault Adam or Roger for their decision to allow these posts on their site.
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