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  1. Iraq only works if all of the country is united. If the Kurds get a seperate state status then the secterian divide starts all over again shites vs sunnis and ISIS once again gains a foothold. The US should instruct Bagdad to deliver the military hardware to the kurds reinforcing the central common Government . If the Kurds are seperate then our dinnars become worthless because the Kurds have in the past indicated that they wanted there own currency and keep in mind a lot of the country's wealth is in the ground controled by the Kurds
  2. Hi Adam Thank you for all you do! With the exchange of the $50 dinar note you thought the time rate to exchange our dinars may be short like the 45 day exchange, Do you still feel that is still the case? I know the 50 exchange was due to a security and counterfit concern, Do you think we would have the same exchange time for the 25k notes even with all of the security features in the bills?
  3. Hi Adam I hope your X-Mass was good and I wish you and yours a happy and Prosperous New Year! With the lastest report of the 7th being the 2nd reading of the budget do you think, (in your opinion), this is it, or do you see it taking more time? With all of the BS going on out there does the USA really have any say in Iraq RV'ing their currency???. And the last question, what is wrong with with the idiot politicians starting with the Pres. to the Mayor of NYC. (Some day maybe we can have a lot of drinks on an island of your choice when all this is over to discuss world peace)? You can answer the last question later if you don't feel like typing a book! Thank you for all that you do to bring us some clarity on a Wednesday every week!!
  4. Adam the US State dept. issued a statement congratulating Iraq for passing the Hydro Carbon Law does this mean the RV will be happening This week or when? Or is there another hold up? Thank you for all that you and yoiur staff does
  5. Hi Adam Thank you For "guiding us through all of the insanity". Since our real taxed dollars went into this investment would it be smart to hold onto the dinar to hedge our bet that the dollar is going to slide furtjher down toward the worthless end of the currency line with the debt and wreckless spending this administration is doing. or should we jump at the 10 cents and roll PS a rant is ok right about now,I know you don't give advise, I'm just looking for your opinion thru that cloudy crystal ball, mine is smashed
  6. Hi Adam I know your probably going to get bombarded with the new 25 k note question but : 1. Do you think that the older notes we have in our possession, will co exist with the newer ones just printed, or will there be a time limit to exchange them before an RV., 2. If there is a time limit how would we go about exchanging the ones we have for the new ones if applicable. 3. Adam I am glad we share the same common sence opinions about the way this country is being ran into the ground,Please keep up with your opinions I enjoy knowing that there are still some SANE people out there! Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hi Adam, Thank you for all your time and hard work enlightening us! Is your Crystal Ball fixed yet? Could you give us your opinion on the possibility of the dollar devaluation, and the possibility of a new BRIC standard? My last question is are you still leaning toward a 10cent revaluation or has it moved up or down tied to a float or no float Thank you!
  8. Look at history. More people have died over religion beliefs than for any other reason! It's pathethetic that our Great Black Hope just sits by and allows some religious nuts determine the fate and destiny of the Christians and other "non conforming religious believers", by the koolaide drinking wack job extremists. (I think he's waiting to deal with them when they're knocking at his door) Maybe this religious persecution is acceptable to Obama. I know that it's not acceptable to any true American who's basic rights include freedom of religion, as set forth by this country's founding fathers. If Our President wants to continuously drag us down the toilet, then we should definetly look at sending him a message by pushing him out the door, starting with a change of leadership begining with a change in the Senate come November.
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