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  1. Both Bush and Obama are together on a trip overseas. Really???? Is it a coincidence or maybe something much bigger. Anyone think there is a possibility they might be planning to make a stop in Iraq for...... oh I don't know, maybe a RV announcement?
  2. Thank you for giving 100% to the cause. Let's RV already.
  3. Like most anything thing else in life, you have to follow the money. Somebody or a lot of somebody's are setting themselves up to make a big profit. There has to be a lot of arm twisting behind the scenes to make sure $$$$$ is moved from one special interest to another. No one in Iraq wants to lose, so a lot of what we are seeing is posturing to save face in the public eye. Whether or not M stays, leaves on his own or is forced out, will most likey be determined by big money. At this point, no one outside of a small group of highly influential Iraqi's know for sure which way this will shake ou
  4. Pledge = Procrastinate - to put off intentionally and habitually, to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done, and intentionally messing with a group of investors that have had enough of all the stalling. Just Do It Already!
  5. What impact, if any will our Presidential election have on the timing of an RV?
  6. What role will our Presidential election play in the timing of an RV?
  7. The Bondlady has left the building.......Thanks, have a good night and don't forget to tip the waitresses..
  8. The Iraqi's will never fully accept us no matter what we say or do. This is as good as it is going to get. Once were gone, they will be saying we never needed to be ther in the first place, they had Sadam on the run before we got involved.
  9. I believe the Kurds will do the right thing if the price is right. It's all about the Benjamins.
  10. I like that they are publicly saying the US needs to do something to get Iraq out of Chapter 7. It could influence the right people to make the move and pull them out.
  11. Someone knows a secret. What could it be? Oh I don't know, maybe an RV........
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