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  1. Blueskyline what do you make of this ? I read it but Im not understanding it.
  2. Thanks PP for troubling yourself......much appreciated .
  3. I was thinking the same thing Mark. If there are banks from other countries doing business in the USA we might be able to go through them and skip going to Canada .We might have to open accounts with them, deposit our currency and then transfer the funds as we wish to other accounts. Something to keep in mind.
  4. You know what's really funny and sad at the same time .....that no one really cares about hunger strikes. The attitude is ahhhh we'll see how long it take him before he gives in or dies. Nothing ever gets solved in a hunger strike . No one cares......
  5. FD.....I didn't get it either. Maybe I was looking too hard. But I did find this in the comments left by others reading the article and that did catch my eye. This is what this guy had to say about the article...... "PEOPLE GET CONFUSED ABOUT WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON HERE...... OBAMA AND THE PRESS KEEP PUSHING THE IDEA THAT THIS PAYMENT EITHER WAS, OR WAS NOT, A BRIBE..... THIS IS A FALSE CHOICE DESIGNED TO KEEP US FROM REALIZING THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER.... WHICH IS.....THE PAYMENT WAS MADE AS FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR OUR NATION'S WORST ENEMY, BY A P
  6. Im studying both currencies and to be perfectly honest with you " THEY'R BOTH HOT" right now. I think its a matter of political protocol and governmental insider agreements among countries. . We will never have access to this type of information until it happens. A lot of changes will be taking place in this month of September / October for several currencies. My advice to you is be invested in the right ones just to be safe. Please remember that at this very moment in time we are in a "waiting game". What's going to happen will happen the day you least expect it to.... ok wit
  7. Thats right Snowy you tell them Pay Attention Boyyyyyzzzzzzzzzz.............
  8. FW....hate to disappoint you but Im not a "brother" more like a sister ,girl, dudett , millionairess, female, all of the above .....
  9. Climber I read that as NOW because later it will be to expensive to afford to buy.
  10. RW.Sutton.......We are still unclear as to how we will be able to cash out. There are several possibilities Canada being one of them as a last resort. But I said that we will most probably be able to cash out here in the states. Time will tell.
  11. Im sure Adam's well aware of the rial. Adam's like God ...He's everywhere lol. He's choosing not to chime in and we need to respect his decision.
  12. Ok now......we need to step back, take a deep breath and calm down . First let me say to keep in mind that the rial is not illegal to own. If it were dealers couldn't sell it. It's just not traded or accepted at this very moment.... Just like the dinar. It's doing all that it can to play in the international markets.... Just like Iraq. Countries and banks will be bending over backwards WANTING TO CASH YOU OUT once they re-value....Just like the dinar. IMO....people in the usa won't have trouble cashing out. The usa might also be invested in the rial as they are
  13. Iran stands first in Islamic banking assets TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iran stands in the first place in terms of Islamic banking assets, said Central Bank of Iran Governor Valiollah Seif. Iran holding over 37 percent of banking assets based on Sharia is standing in the first place in terms of volume of banking assets among countries providing financial-Islamic services, he said in the 27th Islamic Banking Conference. Today, the total value of world assets obtained based on Sharia has reached over $2 billion, $1.5 billion of which belong to banking assets. Iran holds 37 percent of th
  14. Oh Dear Lord how devastating... Im so glad to hear that you are ok. I was worried about you when I heard the news. Im so very sorry for what has happened. Praying for all the people that have been affected.
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