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  1. will they not need more money to pay for the rv... even if they have oil?
  2. to believe or not to believe... that is the question!
  3. ya know if ya take the average buy price of 1150 and utilize the new sell price of 810 that makes a price spread of 340... and if ya find the mean line price... which is 980 I would bet that this is what dealers are purchasing dinars for! THEY WILL WIN in BOTH DIRECTIONS... I would say lowering the price ALI buys for is merely 1 of many price reductions you'll see, be watchful of all sellers, dealers, and brokers to lowering their price for buying.. Not only because of time running down, but also, cause whom else can you sell too! NO-ONE in the US except dealers and brokers will accept dinars, banks won't... so if they drop their price dramatically... it's back to: " Whom else can you call?" You physically can not go to the treasury to sell it, Banks won't take it, you can not afford to cash it in yourself in some bank overseas.... your forced to take what someone will give ya for it...
  4. no LOP... that would be cool..!
  5. This possum guy sounds like he is very close to the source of information... I'm gonna keep track of him
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