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  1. What ever it RVs at will be a blessing just ready for it to move been on this ride for a long time like the rest of the group.
  2. I have read this before and just read it again great job on informing us all
  3. Thanks again for all you do we may be actually getting close this time looking forward to it all coming together.
  4. Great job on the new format and thank you for your time
  5. The rats are getting fatter wasn't good to Begin with and not getting any better.
  6. lol back in the Republic of Texas I will patiently wait. But we will hear lots of trash like this but if it ever does happen good luck trying to take over all the us with a gun behind 75 to 90 % of house holds in the south I have severed my time abroad and it is proven there is no harder fighting person than one protecting his own home so come and get it its warm and fuzzy feeling and I have some to offer HOT LEAD. Sorry got a little carried away there glad this is rumors.
  7. I am so glad that I am not the only one that way
  8. Thanks for the up date and all you do
  9. Spiders squish just like any other insect just step on them problem fixed
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