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  1. Thanks for everything. Do you see any complications resulting from the recent attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf?
  2. Adam, As usual, thank you for the update. However, what your thoughts regarding how the current situation with Iran will affect the RV?
  3. Adam, Do you believe that the re-institution of Iran's sanctions, which limits where and to whom Iran can sell its oil, will result in an uptick in the price of oil? If this occurs, could this be a reason for the Iraq to consider RVing in the near term to take advantage of the higher price of oil? Thank you to the moderators and your continued efforts.
  4. Adam - Do you think the current riots in southern Iraq will affect the timing of an RV?
  5. According to news outlets, Kurdish forces didn't put up a fight for Kirkuk. It's reasonable to assume that the Kurds didn't put up a fightbecause Kirkuk is not within Kurdish Region of Iraq and also because, in the past, Abadi said that the Iraqi government would eventually come back for Kirkuk. Do you see the Iraqi government's seizure of Kirkuk as the start of a struggle for territory between the Iraqi government and the Kurds or merely the re-establishment of past boundaries that will enable both sides to reach an agreement to move forward together? Clearly, Kurdish independence is not the preferred outcome for Turkey and Iraq, for different reasons. Turkey doesn't want an independent Kurdistan that would threaten to embolden its kurdish citizens and Iraq doesn't want to lose any oil reserves. In order for Kurdish independence to succeed it would need either Turkey or Iraq as a ally to get oil to the global market. Therefore, it appears that the Kurds are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Adam, what are your thoughts?
  6. You're probably right, but the key is to not let anyone know you have money. Stay under the radar and don't spend indiscriminately.
  7. Adam - Just finished "Becoming Your Own Banker" based on your recommendation a couple of weeks ago. Thanks! It's an eye-opening book that everyone on DV should read. Can you recommend any other books on similar or related subjects? Thanks for everything that you and your staff do for this community!
  8. Months after lifting Chapter 7 sanctions, Iraq takes deliver of its money from US By Duraid Salman - March 31, 2014 16:00 Months after Chapter 7 sanctions have been lifted, the Central Bank of Iraq is finally getting ready to lift the American protection on the Iraqi money deposited in the United States of America. This step was welcomed by many but also stirred fear as it might be a qualitative step in the financial Iraqi sector. Will this money become an easy target to some authorities under the pretext of debt? On May 20, 2014 the American protection imposed on the Iraqi money deposited in “Development Fund for Iraq” will be lifted and the responsibility will be transferred to the Central Bank of Iraq; after the Chapter 7 sanctions have been lifted. However, many fear that “gold digging” countries and traders would file lawsuits before an international court on the grounds that the pervious regime owes them money. Postponing Protection “Development Fund for Iraq is financed by oil revenues deposited in the Federal Reserve Bank and 5% of the amount would be deducted as indemnification for Kuwait according to Chapter 7 sanction imposed by the United Nations on Iraq”, says Central Bank of Iraq’s former Governor, Mathhar Mohammad Saleh. “Ever since the Central Bank of Iraq has taken responsibility of the Development Fund for Iraq in 2010; it has become unprotected which pushed Iraq to place it again under the American protection”. “Iraq agreed with the USA to place this money under the American protection for a full year at the time, ie. until June 2011 after the sanctions were lifted on December 15, 2010 in virtue of resolution 1956; placing Development Fund for Iraq under the bank’s management”, added Saleh. “This protection extension is the last of its kind”, mentioned Saleh; clarifying that “the protection of the Iraqi money deposited in the American banks is normal even if it wasn’t postpones especially that the Central Bank of Iraq is an independent entity and the money it manages is not used in speculations or trade”. Putting fears to rest Central Bank of Iraq’s Acting Governor Abdul Bassit Turky puts fears of wasting away Iraqi money in the US to rest by confirming that “American’s protection of Iraqi money will end on the 22nd of May, 2014”. “The Iraqi money deposited in the US has been under its protection for 2 years”, clarified Turky pointing out that “people’s claim to the previous regime’s debts are not a threat to Iraqi resources”. “The important issue that Iraq was facing with the Kuwaiti airlines has been solved. Consequently the issues that might be raised now are far fewer than those possibly raised 5 years ago”, added Turky. “Now, Iraq can defend its resources with the help of lawyers and international councilors and advisors”, he stressed.
  9. Glad to see up and running. Thanks for the hard work. Do you plan to close VIP soon? If so, do you have a prediction when you plan to do so?
  10. Adam, thank you for and everything you do. In the past, you predicted a "ten cent RV." In a recent email, you stated that you were told by people whom you truly respect that the ten cent RV was way off base and that they thought the RV would be much higher. Do those trusted individuals still believe in an RV that is higher than ten cents? Thanks!
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