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  1. And the number one reason President Barack Obama won re-election is...............**** LIKE THIS ABOVE!!! ding, ding, ding!!!!
  2. From your drivel laden rant, you must be reaaal familiar with that crack pipe! 0_o
  3. Took a skeptical look, Rayzur....definitely made me sit up and take another listen...profound speech especially considering the current state of things.. a little apprehensive, but I think I'm abt to go down the rabbit hole.....Thanks for posting!
  4. Wouldn't hold your breath if I were you tiger....classic delusional right wing babble...always seems to know all the answers to none of the questions..
  5. Trust me, thats about the most thought provoking input you'll receive from the 'Ol Sarge' (or his daughters) (my opinion of course)
  6. Let me know how this turns out...(1 Million Dinar that says it will surely be a wash like the countless other misguided and delusional efforts put forth by crackpots with an IQ of snails turd...) Just my opinion! (we're all entitled to one, right?) Same to you! ;-)
  7. As a somewhat impartial observer....I would definitely have to say that a lot of folks here on DV are. But hey, what do I know!
  8. ROTFLMAO!!!! Relentless pass the point of pitiful....
  9. And they continue.....smdh (shakin my darn head)!
  10. Comedian = Comedy.....joke...tasteless, but joke nonetheless.
  11. No gloating... It is what it is!!! Barack Obama 2012!!!! All that wishful thinking, hate messages, lies and slander for nothing...The REAL America has spoken!
  12. So much for all those sources and predictions all these right-wingers had! Obama 2012!
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