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  1. Scum thank yourself later for allowing obummer to get re elected with your rhetoric . Same old story from you wet dream Paul followers . He does not have a chance . Great guy wrong time . We can agree to disagree . You have some great posts I must admit . Truth and agenda questionable , but interesting !
  2. Obummer give illegals the right not to have id's so they will vote for him . He supports same sex marriage , evolving as he puts it , so they will vote for him , all about politics ! Geeze if dogs or donkeys could vote I suppose he would allow them to marry too ! Anything for a vote . What a Phoney . Evolving , bull s. t ! U hit the nail on the head . No pun intended .
  3. The clowns that would have term limits cast upon them are the idiots that will vote them in against themselves ? Da ! They will not shoot themselves in the foot would you ? I agree with you , but these cronies will not do this . , . Da ya think ? Obummer must go first then we deal with the other hoodlums
  4. Paul supporters are no more than defeating their own purpose ! Every vote you give to this fine man is and will be ultimately a vote for the annoited one ( in his own demented mind ) obummer . Smarten up , realize Paul does not have a snowballs chance in hell to become our president ! Annnnnnd vote for Romney . Hey you may not totally like Romney But he is certainly a better choice for staying away from a socialist communist future . Do folks get it yet ? Let's beat obummer Togather right out of our oval and retain our freedoms and liberty . Take breath , think clearly not passionately , and save our country and our children's future . No disrespect intended , please understand I like Paul and his patriotism and his intelligence , but reality is he will not get elected ! But the true fact is we are all in this to fight obummer and his czars and cult . Let's work Togather and beat this bum .
  5. How much more must we the American sane people put up with from this socialist tyrant Obama and czars and followers . We must see this in the middle of the nite sneaky slimy regime and it's intollorable acts against we the people . This group thinks we are stupid and complacent enough that they can force us to give up our liberties and freedoms in lieu of their communist socialist agenda . As my god is my witness , this is happening and will happen unless we throw this thing out of our oval and our country ! He was put in place to distroy all that we have worked for . Now he is brainwashing the *** population . He says whatever he thinks will work for the moment . Gays will see through this Phoney and his populist attacks . God help America and our future .
  6. Romney is inevitiable , Paul not a chance , Paul is only helping the distroyer of our free world obamacide by staying in the race ? Why does he not just help Romney beat this Obama right out of my oval . I thought he was a patriot ? Not !
  7. Three words , Are you crazy ? I know he is . Wanting to allow Iran to have nukes . Paul is a certified , nut .
  8. All people on this site should read this on target opinion .
  9. If you know the animal you can deal with it . Deep breaths and envision palm trees . the turtle always beats the rabbit . And he who goes to bed with it hey bum wakes up with smelly , what ? Come on , share ! If you know the animal you can deal with it . Deep breaths and envision palm trees . the turtle always beats the rabbit . And he who goes to bed with it hey bum wakes up with smelly , what ? Come on , share !
  10. Obummer is a communist and Paul cannot beat him only romney will . Face it and vote for him to get the commy out of our oval . Scum u still make this man laugh . You r way out there .. Earth to scum ,
  11. Bump we need answers . Where are all the brainiacs ?
  12. Obama is distroying my country . Why can,t people see this ?
  13. Tick tick tick , when is the Obama civilian army comming . Google it and take a look . Complacency creates advantage for our traitors and manipulators . What more must we see and have hit us on our heads . Think this is a dream , dream again . Obama wants communism . He is one .. Bet ya ..
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