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  1. Thank you Gillian for letting us know. Betty, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
  2. Barriegirl

    Good News

    Thx for the update EGK. It's very appreciated. Been wondering what was happening
  3. Barriegirl

    Good News

    Just out of curiosity Pudge, why are you hanging around this site and spending so much time/energy on a "non event"?
  4. Funny, Phoenix said that in his opinion, either just before or, when the RV happened, Allawai would resign....
  5. Aren't these the guys, who about a month ago, said Shabibi had been on Iraqi tv and everyone bashed them and then about 3 days later transcripts of the tv appearance were being posted by various sources including another site? A/C
  6. And you believe this because? ... oh, ya, that's right you don't believe - you're only "platinum VIP" and "verified" not to mention still on this site ... lol
  7. It's true. I knew about this WEEKS ago ....
  8. "that's the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it ... uh huh, uh huh!"
  9. I'll sell you some, my exchange is 1:1 though.
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