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  1. 4 minutes ago, Luigi1 said:


    We are talking one Iraqi economist & one member of Parliament were talking LOP.

    That don't mean it will happen...It's only two people's view.

    These two have no real power or influence.

    The zeros will be lifted off the exchange rate & not the currency face value.

     Exactly! and we know most members of the GOI don't even fully know what is going to happen

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  2. Personally, I am not convinced they will lop. Does lopping the currency actually gain them anything ? Plus, they need the larger notes in Iraq in the banks for liquidity purposes and they would want these changed out before the rate change so they don't have a country full of millionaires. A dinar will always be a dinar within Iraq... it is what it can allow them to purchase that changes. Why would they put the original plan in place , which many of us have read to then lop the currency.? Why wait 20 + years to lop the currency? 

    Why stayed the larger notes will co exist for up to 10 years if they have no value. they wouldn't even be useful for inter banking purposes which was the original plan. All these people who have dinar, not us small fish are people who would have some knowledge that they would make large profits. otherwise they would not have invested. JMHO

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