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  1. Thank you! Thanks, and ill be working on summer contest shortly! I just couldnt resist! Me too, and thank you!
  2. Cooked will never catch me! Thank you!
  3. Im back! its good to see some familar faces here
  4. Yeah still alive, and waiting to be roasted! Had a little hiatus there and went missing. Guess I didn’t miss the RV while I was away....
  5. Thanks for the chat Adam! Also for the post kcw!
  6. Our 1st prize winner is Saint with 8 votes! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Our 2nd prize winner is TonyDownTheShore with 5 votes! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Last but not least. We had someone with 19 votes!!! Even though it is not a qualified contest idea it deserves an honorable mention, Bamagirl!
  7. The contest has ended! If you haven't already voted, please take some time and cast them now! A winner will be announced on 3-9-12 at 8:00pm EST! Vote Here
  8. It’s time for another contest, and here are the details! This might be a little confusing, so read this carefully: In this contest, you will submit your idea for the next contest. It's a contest to see who can come up with the best contest! 1.) Think of a contest that you would like to have for the next pink piggy contest! Post it in response to this thread. (Click the "Add Reply" button at the bottom of this thread.) 2.) Keep it clean, at any point if it is deemed inappropriate by any of the DV staff it will be immediately removed and you will be disqualified. 3.) There will be a 1st and 2nd place winner for this contest. The winner’s will be decided based on how many +’s they get on their contest idea. 4.) This is going to be a two part contest, the winner of this contest will ultimately be deciding what the next contest will be, for the ultimate prize of a free PLATINUM VIP membership! 5.) The contest will end on 3-8-12 at 10:00pm EST. The winners will be formally announced the following day. 1st prize winner will receive a 3 month VIP membership and $20 towards the purchase of a Pink Piggy item of their choice! 2nd prize winner will receive a Text Service (for the RV announcement from Adam) and $20 towards the purchase of a Pink Piggy item of their choice! Pink Piggy Prizes (Yes those are legal USPS stamps!)
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